Bad for your teeth sweet treats have arrived and if you are one of those who can’t resist a chewy caramel or a piece of peanut brittle, you may want to be careful when it comes to your teeth and gums.

All of those holiday goodies can cause serious problems for your teeth, even those big plates of dried fruit. So how do you know what cookies, cakes, candies, and fudge are bad for your teeth? Below are a few treats that are best avoided, or enjoyed in small doses.

It’s important to protect your teeth all year round, but especially during the winter. From October to January, the season is loaded with tempting bad for your teeth sweet treats that could cause problems for your teeth.

Hard Candy

Butterscotch drops, candy canes and your favorite sourballs are a favorite stocking stuffer, but can also be harmful to your teeth. Teeth can be chipped or fractured while sucking on the candy exposes your teeth to sugar for about 30 minutes longer.

Sticky Sweets

Toffee, caramels, gummy bears, and all of those other sticky candies increase your chances of an unplanned dental appointment after the holidays. Because they tend to cling and stick to your teeth for longer periods, it makes it tough for your saliva to work, as it should. If you must indulge in a piece of salt-water taffy, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth as soon as possible after you enjoy.

Hot Drinks

Your teeth may be able to handle that hot cup of cider or cocoa, but your gum tissue, tongue and the roof of your mouth can be severely damaged by a single burn. Some burns can even cause permanent damage.


Bountiful during the winter months, lemons are delicious in your favorite tea, and although you may be tempted, avoid sucking on the lemon. Strong acids will damage the enamel on your teeth. Be careful how much lemon and lime juice you use and make sure to rinse after eating.

This holiday season enjoy your bad for your teeth sweet treats in moderation and make sure to schedule your annual dental checkup for 2017 today. Call or click and make an appointment with Rodeo Dental today.