Top 10 Reasons Why Rodeo Dental Is Your Dream Job

Like most professions, the world of dentistry changed completely. The coronavirus pandemic forced most dental offices to shut down last year in March and April, with a small number of teams pressing on to perform emergency-only procedures. Return-to-work efforts began in earnest in May, with the most effective strategies promoting Team Health and Family Safety. However, an increased desire for safety, stability, and flexibility is causing many dental professionals to step back and reconsider career options.

If your current trajectory just isn’t going to meet expectations, give us a call. In the meantime, check out the Top 10 reasons why Rodeo Dental could be your Dream Job!

Rodeo Dental is a creative, upbeat, and authentic brand built on Smile-DNA™ and an unwavering, positive outlook on life. Our amped-up culture leverages Art, Individuality, and Self-Expression to turn patients, doctors, and team members into Rodeo Brand Fanatics! Want to hear patients Rave About Rodeo? Read a few of our 50,000 5-Star Patient Testimonials on Google and Facebook. Or just Google “Rodeo Dental”, click Images, and scroll down forever ☺
Rodeo Core Values Patient Safety

Rodeo Dental – Weslaco, TX

2. Brand Cachet

Your Image is everything! The “Brand” you work for is the single, most important Professional Credential you have. Choose Wisely – the Brands you serve will follow you forever! Rodeo Dental is one of the fastest-growing, multi-specialty, dental groups in the country. We’ve built 33 offices from the ground up in Texas and Colorado and developed a team of 100+ award-winning dentists. Our compensation plans are extremely competitive because our patients deserve the best! Fun is important, but so is a path to financial freedom.

Rodeo Core Values Patient Experience

Top Dentists – Fort Worth Magazine!

3. Mission and Core Values

Rodeo Dental was founded on the belief that every kid and family deserve access to high-end dental care. This means everyone. No exceptions! Our Mission and Core Values have built-in needs to do social good and find creative ways to help more people. You will find us posted up on the front lines where access to care is the most challenging. Building the team is a serious endeavor at Rodeo. If your personal values align with our company Core Values, we want to hear from you!


Rodeo Core Values Impact

Mission • Core Values • Rodeo Way 

4. Social Impact

Rodeo teams are deeply ingrained in surrounding communities. Besides delivering on our access-oriented mission, our doctors and staff volunteer time and make epic philanthropic contributions like: educating over 100,000 families on the benefits of good oral hygiene, sponsoring over 1,000 LEAP scholarships, providing free treatment for over 2,000 kids stranded in braces, providing $250,000 in free treatment (Dentists Who Care), and donating thousands of masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to front-line hospital workers treating COVID-19 patients. We are proud to be ranked as a “GREAT” company due to our B Impact Score.

Rodeo Core Values Tech Above

Doing work that matters!

5. Safety is Paramount

Infection Control has always been top-of-mind at every good dental office. However, the contagious and harmful nature of COVID-19 has forced most dental professionals to pause and re-examine brand, office, and team commitments to safety. Rodeo’s first core value is centered on safety, and we designed our world-class sterile environments with safety at heart. Our COVID-10 safety measures and team testing strategies are best-in-class, and our hospital-grade, safety protocols include rigorous team screening, patient screening, deep cleaning, education, and communication. Your personal safety is paramount, so where you choose to work really matters.

Rodeo Dental COVID-19 Resources >

Rodeo Core Values Collaboration

Best-in-class Safety Measures!

6. Multi-Specialty

One of the most important value props we offer patients is One-Stop Shopping, or All Services Under 1 Roof! Whether you’re a general dentist or a specialist, you’ll rub elbows with some of the best general dentists, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and endodontists in the industry. Be prepared to connect, learn, mentor, share, or just hang-out! The Rodeo Culture promotes learning in the form of peer reviews, continuing education, mini-residencies, and other types of sponsorships.

Rodeo Core Values Perpetual Forward Motion

Connect, Learn, Mentor and Share!

7. State-of-the-Art Technology

Our fourth Core Value is “A TECH Above” and we really mean it! Every office is built from the ground-up and powered with fully digitized X-Rays, a Pano-Ceph, electric handpieces, Brasseler burs, iTero Intraoral scanners, Isodry dual vacuum control, M11 UltraClave Sterilizers, and other top of the line equipment. We have a strategic relationship with Henry Schein, who provides the bulk of our dental supplies and materials. Finally, our information systems are highly differentiated and combine to form one of the most powerful data analytics platforms in dentistry.

Rodeo Core Values Tech Above

Rodeo Houston Hwy 6 – Sterilization

8. Loyal Patient Base

Run fast and hard – bring your sneakers! Rodeo Dental operates some of the busiest dental offices in the country. Our smart scheduling team ensures that patients who need our help the most are seen in priority order, followed by regular checkups and other types of appointments. Rodeo patient families are extremely loyal, so it’s on you to deliver a positive experience and great clinical outcome! Well not entirely – you’ll have an awesome team of dental professionals there to help throughout the day.

Rodeo Core Values Smile DNA

9. The Rodeo Experience

Every day at Rodeo is a chance to mix energy, imagination, and passion into a one-of-a-kind experience that transforms lives. At Rodeo, we’re in the Art and Entertainment business. We just happen to be dentists. Award-winning, fun, and compassionate dentists. Our themed lobbies and interactive designs facilitate positive mood transitions and create a heightened sense of well-being for patients and the team! For an inside look into how we combine color, music, fashion, and style to power an interactive Pop Art experience, check out our Pop Spirit Celebrations.

Rodeo Dental Pop Spirit Celebrations >

Rodeo Core Values Smile DNA

Experience Sets Us Apart

10. Mentorship

Everyone needs a mentor and one is just not enough! Real mentorship starts with company and doctor culture. At Rodeo, we break down the barriers between GP’s and specialists when it comes to education, interdisciplinary care, and continuous learning. Sharing and collaboration powers our world-class culture, and you can see it in case complexion and clinical growth trajectories. Many of our GP’s go on to specialize and then return to Rodeo as full-time pediatric dentists and oral surgeons.

Rodeo Core Values Do The Right Thing

We Don’t Like Red Tape

Guess what? We don’t like red tape. If you’re serious about finding out more, we’ll connect you directly to our founders. Like now.



Rodeo Core Values Do The Right Thing