• Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics takes home the only award for Dental Innovation at the 27th annual Crown Council Event

  • The event boosted the empowerment and growth of Rodeo team members which aligns and supports their value and vision

  • Award-winning doctors keep namesake as eight accept Crown Council qualifying membership

The Crown Council, a prestigious alliance of dental professionals from across the country, recently held their 27th annual event at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, where over 1,200 of the finest dental teams came together to focus on gaining personal, professional and leadership development in order to better serve their patients and team members!

Of course, Rodeo Dental was admirably represented! Specifically selected team members from each department were invited to attend based on their dedication and ongoing impact on our organization over the years. More than 60 new and tenured Rodeo members showed off their inherent Smile-DNA and made their recognizable culture known at this celebrated event (bells included)!

Here are some of the top moments from the Rodeo team who attended the 2022 Crown Council event:

1) Personal & Professional Development

This year’s event featured five seasoned speakers who each brought their own flair and expertise to the stage. Between topics of motivation, life lessons and even dance psychology, there were a number of opportunities to collaborate and grow as a team.

One of those opportunities arose when Steve Anderson, Co-founder of Crown Council, discussed how to propel your practice to create a culture of success for everyone. Teams were challenged to develop a legacy statement – how you want others to remember you and your practice – and a service promise – a promise your patients can count on with every visit. 

This was a pivotal moment for some of our team members – in fact, Sherry, from Rodeo’s headquarters, said, “This practice really helped me reevaluate my legacy statement and service promise. I plan to put them both in my email signature so my social support team can help me stay accountable!” 

For others, it was a moment of realization. Darling, from Rodeo’s headquarters, said, “The fact that this is already something we have built-in at Rodeo and act on every day is why I believe in what we do and why I love the Rodeo we are!”

Each day, partners hosted lunch and learns which were tailored to specific fields of expertise in the industry. Amanda, from Rodeo’s reputation management department, attended a breakout session on retaining patient loyalty and said, “With my role, it’s important to be able to learn new and unique ways to help our offices provide a patient experience that sets us apart. I’m really excited to be able to implement my ideas from the session into our trainings and processes!”

2) Awards & Recognitions

This year, eight Rodeo doctors were recognized as first-year qualifying Crown Council members for going above and beyond in their dedication to social good practices, strides in career development and focus on creating a culture of excellence! Congratulations to Dr. Saam Zarrabi, Dr. Yahya Mansour, Dr. Hisham Ayoub, Dr. Sylvester Thompson, Dr. Sahil Patel, Dr. Brian Dugoni, Dr. Daniel Lee and Dr. Rahul Patel! Additionally, for the first time ever, the Crown Council awarded the Dental Innovation Award to the Rodeo team for its efforts in creating a personal and professional change to the norms of dentistry!

We were also proud to announce our involvement with the “Adopt An Athlete” Program in collaboration with Special Olympics and Crown Council to further expand the impact of our mission and provide dental care to Special Olympics athletes and patients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Co-founder of Rodeo Dental, Dr. Saam Zarrabi, said, “This is a huge step forward for us in truly being able to live out our mission of providing access to care. We couldn’t be more eager to officially kick off this impactful program and offer our services to this community.” 

3) Lasting Memories

Rocking out at the 80s prom-themed reception was a memorable event for all of us and the Rodeo team went ALL OUT to take part. For some, it was a throwback and for others, it was a completely new fashion statement. Either way, we all showed up and let our Rodeo Culture radiate throughout the event! 

Above all, there was an overwhelming sense of Rodeo pride and appreciation. Yimna, from the Rodeo Pharr location, expressed gratitude for being able to attend the event and said “This has been the most memorable weekend with the greatest team – I’m honored to have been invited and ready to put in place all the actionable items I’ve learned to create a culture of success for my team and patients!”

Whether it was building stronger team unity, learning effective leadership skills, realizing personal visions or celebrating wins, the moments our team felt were most valuable may differ, but one thing is certain and that’s the unforgettable experience we each had at the 2022 Crown Council event!