Expressing yourself through orthodontic treatments is not something everyone thinks about, and here you are, trying to embrace the opportunity to flaunt your style by experimenting with braces colors; it is commendable.

Every choice is a reflection of one’s personality. Usually, boys tend to exhibit confidence with the help of darker colors like algae green or navy blue; on the other hand, girls showcase their vibrant and bubbly nature with shades such as dazzling gold. Do not be afraid to play with combinations when it comes to braces. Looking forward to a special day? Or is the festive season coming up? Add a touch of you to it!

Sophistication and decency are the way to go as we grow older. Ditch the flamboyant colors and go for those options that complement your eye tones. Or, opt for classic hues like white or pale so that they easily blend in. However, be careful of selecting braces colors that can make your teeth appear discolored or stained.

Keep in mind, whatever shades you decide on getting, adequate care is crucial to ensure the best results and maintenance of a healthy smile that radiates confidence and your unique personality.

What Colors Are The Best For Braces? How to Choose One?

Gone are the days when the options were limited, and you had to live with boring braces. It is the 21st century! Add a dash of color to your smile to show off your unique style. From dark or vibrant to subtle and classic, the choices are endless.

Choice Based On Personality

When it comes to selecting the perfect color for your braces, why not take your personality as a guide? It is time to reflect on who you really are; whether an outgoing person or more inclined towards classics and elegance, there is a perfect shade tailor-made just for you. Think about the following traits while making the final call.

A.   Bold and Vibrant

If you are an adventurous soul, go for eye-catching hues that make a statement. Some of the choices include electric blue, blood red, or vibrant purple to showcase your confidence and outgoing personality. Selecting striking colors makes your smile pop, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in the room.

braces colors for your teeth

B.   Subtle and Classic

If you are on the more understated side and do not like unnecessary limelight on you, opt for neutral colors for braces, like silver, white, or gray. All shades are ageless and will look great paired with your classic and elegant personality, with just enough dash of sophistication to your smile.

C.   Playful and Fun

If you are young at heart, bring out your playful side with braces colors that are as lively as you are. Do not let anything hold you back; mix and match multiple tones, and alternate with them on each bracket, to give your teeth an assortment touch.

braces colors for teeth

Complementary Colors Or Contrasting, Which Look Best in Pictures?

In this day and age, you cannot escape from the inner circle of paparazzi. With your friends and family documenting everything on their social media handles, you cannot shy away due to braces. Consider the following color combination for a picture-perfect smile with braces.

Complementary Shades

The best way forward is to choose those braces colors that complement your skin and enhance your smile. Warm skin tones work well with shades of pink or orange, whereas cool skin tones outshine hues like royal blue, regular blue, or green.

Contrasting Shades

If blending in is not your thing, you can create captivating visuals and aesthetics in photos with the help of contrasting colors. Let’s take a look at this example; if you are a brunette with dark hair, opting for light-colored braces such as baby blue or pastel yellow can turn out to be a striking contrast that stands out in pictures.

What Color Rubber Bands Make Your Teeth Look Whiter?

Why not create whiter teeth look while thinking about making your smile stand out? What’s better than an illusion of a Hollywood smile? For this, you need to strategically choose braces colors; here are some that you can choose.

1.    Shades of Blue

Braces colors such as royal blue or other shades of blue create an effect that makes your teeth look brighter and whiter than it really is.

what braces color you should choose

2.    Pearl White

If you do not want to show off much, pearl white rubber bands are your best bet. They mimic the look of naturally white teeth and are not obvious to detect.

Braces Colors to Avoid

We are advocates of playing with different tones, but there are some tones that just do not sit well with braces.

1.    White Braces

It is common to think that white braces are the best option, which it is; however, there is a catch to it. Those brilliant white bands can turn off-white after some time due to consuming foods and drinks. This change makes your teeth appear paler than they actually are.

2.    Dark Colors

Not all dark tones look bad. Colors like dark purple and navy blue make your teeth look whiter; on the other hand, if you choose dark green or dark brown, they will appear weird as food stuck in your teeth.

How Often Can You Change the Colors of Your Braces?

Usually, dental professionals line up tightening sessions of braces every 4-6 weeks. During that visit, you can choose to switch colors. This means you can end up with a different one every few weeks.

Closing Note

You can make the most of your journey with braces by playing with colors of your choice. Whether you like a bold and vibrant look or something subtle and classic, there is a perfect color available to cater to your needs.

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