We Think Dads Are Awesome!


Father’s Day is a special time to say thank you to the men in our lives who protected us, shaped us, and led us into becoming the people we are today. At Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics, we want to take a moment to appreciate the dads who have been present in their kids lives and work hard every day to support their families. Here are a few reasons why dad is awesome.


Dad Worked – A Lot


Whether our dad was a traditional office worker, a modern stay-at-home parent, a mechanic or a factory guy, we recognize that dad worked hard for us every day. Sometimes he dragged his feet to jobs he didn’t like, and sometimes he worked on household chores that he didn’t want to do. Either way, dad always provided for us no matter where he spent his days.


Dad Taught Us Important Life Lessons


If it weren’t for dad, we wouldn’t understand how to work hard in school or set goals for the future. We wouldn’t have opened that first savings account, figured out how to research Theodore Roosevelt for a presentation, or found the courage to pick ourselves up when we failed in life. The people we are as adults is, in large part, thanks to the lessons our dads taught us as kids.


Dad Gave (Almost All Of) His Free Time To Us


We know that dad would have preferred to spend his free time relaxing on the couch and watching a football game. But instead he played endless rounds of Connect Four, threw the Frisbee with us in the front yard, got up early to take us fishing, or sat down for a pretend tea party. Dad was our first friend in life, really. He was the guy who played with us even when he didn’t want to. And most of the time he let us win, too.


Dad Made Us Laugh


Dad told the worst jokes. He dressed up in the silliest costumes and sometimes he made faces or pretended to be a zombie. Then there were the days when he turned his hand into a claw that attacked our face, or he tickled our ribs until we laughed so hard that we couldn’t tell him to stop. We knew dad could be serious when he needed to be, but most of the time he was just a whole lot of fun.


Dad Was An Example


For girls, dad was the person every boy who walked into our lives would have to live up to. For boys, dad was the type of man we eventually wanted to grow up and be. Whether he was scrutinizing our boyfriends, showing us how to shave, teaching us our first dance steps, or straightening our tie, dad was the guy who provided an example. He gave us invaluable skills and lifelong lessons on human relationships. We’ve learned so much from you about life, dad, and for that we are very thankful.