Here at Rodeo Dental, your happiness is of extreme importance to us! We are very proud and excited to offer a new kind of experience to our patients; going to the dentist can now become an exciting adventure of its own. We want you to have brighter and healthier smiles, but we also want to give you more reasons to smile and laugh. Also, being a part of a community is especially important to us; we love to hang out with our patients and making sure that they’re having the best time at any lobby!

The lobby at Rodeo Dental is the most amazing dental lobby you have ever seen! Children’s happiness is just as important as their health, so we make sure that there are a lot of activities to choose from. Here are some of the things you can do in the Rodeo Dental lobby!

We have an amazing movie theater where our patients can sit, relax and enjoy their favorite movie on the big screen that provides a truly unique cinematic experience.


For those competitive spirits who are always up for a challenge and setting new records, we offer the full arcade experience. It’s incredibly popular among our patients and so much fun!

For our patients who prefer a more active form of entertainment, Rodeo Dental offers incredible playgrounds where they can play with other kids, have fun and make new friends.


At Rodeo Dental, child’s play can become a dream come true because of our fantastic, new interactive projector floors and wall mats that allows their sparkly imagination to express itself in the most amazing way possible.

If you lean more on the creative side, the arts and crafts corner is the place for you! It’s a place where our patients can discover the artist in themselves. In the Rodeo Dental lobby, we can face paint all the kids’ favorites, from animals to superheroes. A little splash of color will cheer up every child!


We also host a plethora of amazing events in our lobby. For example, we have balloon artists who will make sure that every child goes home with an amazing, colorful balloon sculpture of their choosing. During the holiday season, check out our holiday-themed arts and craft corner where you can be as creative as you like and make some awesome decorations that will make your holidays as jolly as possible.

Overall, there’s so much to do in our lobbies! No matter your interest we will have something for you! Make your appointment today at a lobby near you!