I am thankful to be voted Favorite Dentist for The Monitor Reader’s Choice for 2019, what an incredible honor! I really attribute my success to our business core value: #DotheRightThing. It’s important to me as a practitioner to put myself at the patients’ level and connect with them. I strive to treat everyone else just as I’d treat myself if the roles were reversed and I was on the chair. 

In staying A Tech Above, we have to remember there’s an impression that’s made the moment the patient walks through the door. The decor of the place, the way the office looks, the way the people look and even the condition of the building. Rodeo Dental shows people that we’re on top of our game by combining the friendliness of our team and how quickly and efficiently the visit is done. This has an impact on how the patient feels about the dental office and how comfortable they’ll be throughout the visit. If they see that the equipment is being cared for, and the team is upbeat then the patient will feel like they are getting the best care that they can get.

My goal when a patient comes in is to make sure that when the patient walks out of our office’s doors they feel confident and to feel like I am a reliable partner that will accomplish what they need. Maintaining that relationship with the patient involves having empathy and wanting to do the right thing for everybody. I speak in a way that the patient will understand, let them know how to do certain things that will benefit them. I respond to them with dental suggestions that will connect with them as a patient and will benefit them. I set a goal they can and will accomplish so that they’ll see a big difference over time just from taking the initial smaller steps. 

Keeping that relationship up is all about treating my patient like a friend. I want to give the patient the feeling that I’m going to be there and if they come back with any problems they have they’re not just another patient. Give them a pat on the shoulder, they’re more than just a number on a chart. They’re a person. At the end of the visit, I’m treating a person, not just a tooth. 

Dr. Adam N. Carson is a native of Cincinnati and has practiced general dentistry since 2006. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, performed graduate studies at Arizona State University, and received his doctorate from Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Carson has trained with some of the premier innovators in dentistry today, and is continually striving to offer the most current and beneficial techniques and services available.

Dr. Carson prefers to offer patients options when it comes to their dental care, realizing that not all patients have the same goals for their teeth, or financial abilities to meet their dental needs. He will discuss with you your dental health and provide the best treatment options to meet your goals, without any high-pressure sales tactics, and ensure your care is delivered in a comfortable, caring manner. If you require specialist care, Dr. Carson maintains close relationships with several top specialists in the Rodeo Dental practice. Dr. Carson and his team will be happy to answer any questions you have about the practice or your dental health, and above all, are committed to exceeding your expectations!

GREAT PLACE: In early 2008, Rodeo Dental began it’s legacy as a Texas-based multi-specialty group dental practice serving patients of all ages. Inspired by the famous Stockyards, we are committed to serving a flavor of Texas, thinking big and doing things differently.  WOW CULTURE: Rodeo has a distinctive set of core values that empower employees and promote individuality and self-expression. Its unique culture fuels deep emotional connections with patients and produces spontaneous, one-of-a-kind experiences that are so fun they light up social media venues. Rodeo’s dancing mascot, Moo Moo, is a family favorite and cultural Icon in the communities it serves!  PATIENT EXPERIENCE: Rodeo’s award-winning doctors and crazy team provide awesome patient outcomes and genuine smiles. Every patient interaction is an opportunity to entertain – and build trust. At Rodeo, parents have a voice and make all decisions regarding treatment options! Our team is extremely proud of the 1,000+ 5-Star Google reviews at each practice!  RODEO CARES: Rodeo Dental spends an enormous amount of time and resources in philanthropic endeavors.  Every Rodeo practice is deeply ingrained in its surrounding community and regularly evangelizes the importance of oral health care to Moms, schools, and other organizations.

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