The Beach Bash Skate Jam made its highly anticipated return, captivating audiences and propelling the local skateboarding scene to unprecedented levels in the Rio Grande Valley. Behind this groundbreaking event are the visionary founders, Ruby Gamez, Michael De La Fuente, and Sergio Martinez, who themselves are resident skaters. Their commitment and vision have garnered them solid support not only from South Padre Island, but sponsors from all across Texas. The dedication of this trio, plus the support that they have gotten from local skateboard enthusiasts, shows the potential that Beach Bash Skate Jam holds in shaping and enhancing the local skateboarding community.


This ambition, as outlined by Gamez, is to create an event where skateboard enthusiasts have the opportunity to become the best they can be, win cash prizes and claim highly-regarded titles. Among the bulk of skilled athletes that took part in the Skate Jam were Danica and Tamra Rogers. Their exceptional talent and high-performance work ethic caught the eye of Rodeo Dental, who proudly took on the privilege of being their sponsor this year.

“This sponsorship shows Rodeo’s continued commitment to the Rio Grande Valley communities through health and wellness education, themed patient transformations, and providing affordable preventative and specialty dental services for all.”

Dr. Ayoub, Rodeo Dental Lead Doctor.  

“It’s about building impactful outcomes that echo the wants and needs of our community.”

Ana Orozco, Rodeo’s Community Outreach Partner.

Community outreach is a cornerstone of our mission which you can see shown on the first ribbon of our Mission Key.”

The Rodeo outreach teams focus on oral health education, addressing barriers to care and aim to convey Rodeo’s unique approach to dentistry.


“Danica and Tamra exhibit a drive for skating and it shows in their performance. I am really happy to see them perform successfully at their events and believe their competition results are a symptom of their genuine passion for skating and generating positive uplifting relationships with other enthusiasts that share a desire to grow personally and professionally.”

– highlights, Ross Rogers, Coach of Danica and Tamara


Ross Rogers, who is also the father of the young skaters, encapsulates this commitment by saying, “Skating helps them reach new heights, challenges them, and they get to meet some really great people in the community who share the interest of constantly trying to improve themselves.” This statement aligns with the very same Rodeo Dental core value “Tireless Pursuit of Impact” which is the driving force behind their commitment to sponsoring these young skateboarding stars and cultivating a high-performance culture that provides an opportunity for growth and development for the local youth in the RGV.


“As we saw at the return of the Beach Bash Skate Jam, it is evident that this event transcends the boundaries of a mere competition. It is a manifestation of the relentless drive of a community that continues to support and celebrate its skaters.”

  • co-founder Sergio Martinez.

“This competition exemplifies the spirit of skateboarding in South Texas, echoing a vibrant culture of athleticism, creativity, and camaraderie.”

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