Rodeo Rox Pop Spirit Celebration

Rodeo ROX CHALLENGE: Gobble Till You Wobble Edition! 🦃

Results Are In!

IT’S TIME! Here are the November 3rd – November 30th  Roadies Spirit Champs!
Which Rodeo Dental team captured awesome moments and experiences during this Pop Spirit Celebration?


tony award#1 Laredo Del Mar – OUR WINNER!!!!

Our brand new dental office in Laredo Del Mar took the big win!! 😱 Their viral Thanksgiving Gobble dance got 30,000+ views!!!! 👀 This energetic and authentic team surprised everyone and we can’t wait to see what else they pull off! A true WOW effect!

Southmost Brownsville TX

2. Southmost Brownsville

At #2 is SOUTHMOST! They rocked n’ rolled in style to celebrate our tenth anniversary! Way to go #TeamSouthmost!

Rodeo Dental Edinburg Video

3. Edinburg

Rockin’ it in third with some FIYA 🔥 guitar moves is #TeamEdinburg! The Edinburg community went crazy and were ready to RSVP their front row seats!

Rodeo Dental Laredo Guadalupe Birthday Video

4. Laredo Guadalupe

Laredo Guadalupe brought a rockin’ birthday welcome to their newest office doctor with cake 🎂 and laughs! Welcome to the Rodeo team, Dr. Patel! 🎉

Central Brownsville Video

5. Central Brownsville

#TeamCentral geared up, got their guitars ready, and put on a performance to talk about! Keep rockin’ it, Central! 💃

Doctor Shoutouts

Thank you to all our amazing Dentists, Orthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons and Pediatric Dentists that actively participated in our awesome Pop-Spirit Celebration!

Scott DrThimpson

Scott DrThimpson

Dr. Thompson and the Houston Scott St. team rocking out to this weeks theme – Gobble till you Wobble! They showed us what makes Rodeo so awesome and where our 5 ⭐️ reputation comes from!

Casa View Doctor Shout Out

Casa View Doctor Shout Out

And “Another Cavity bites the dust” with this Hall of Fame dentist in Dallas Casa View! Dr. De Leon is taking center stage with her Rodeo Rox solo!

Rodeo Dental Laredo Guadalupe Doctor

Rodeo Dental Laredo Guadalupe Doctor

These patients are throwing down some fire beats with our ROX star Laredo orthodontist, Dr. Salman! With Dr. Salman as frontman, this dental band is about to top the charts!

San Benito Doctor Shoutout Spirit Champs Rodeo Rox Rodeo Dental Thanksgiving

San Benito Doctor Shoutout Spirit Champs Rodeo Rox Rodeo Dental Thanksgiving

Dr. Lee stepped in and captured his moment with these incredible VIPs! These pop stars couldn’t wait to meet their all-star Weslaco dentist after a wonderful visit!

Rodeo Impact💥

RodeoFEST Laredo

RodeoFEST – A Huge Success!

We traveled to five elementary schools, bringing students a dental service experience they would not typically receive from their local Laredo Dentist. Read more here!

Laredo family sent to Spurs Basketball game

Family Is #SuperBlueStrong After Going to Spurs Vs. Lakers Game!

Getting wind of this brave Rodeo patient’s journey and learning that the Spurs is his favorite team, Doctor Zarrabi reached out to him and his family during Rodeo Dental’s Rodeo Rox Anniversary celebration. Read more here!

Instagram & Tiktok WARS!

Instagram Del Mar

TOP Instagram Post!


143 Likes ❤️ 24 Comments 💬

Congrats to Laredo Del Mar for having one of the top performing posts on Instagram! Your colorful braces images and efforts to engage with Instagram got you to the top! 🏆

TOP TikTok Video!

STATS: 1,313 Views 👀

The San Benito dental team strode onto the dance floor and rocked their way to TikTok stardom! Check out these dance moves here!


*WOW* Call Outs

With colorful backgrounds and delivering the bona fide vibe everyone feels at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics – the smile DNA was truly shown off!

Forest Hill Dentist

There’s a rock star in all of us, and Forest Hill gave this patient the spotlight for a rockin’ solo! This is why our patient experience sets us apart!

Cypress Dentist

Our Donna dental office brought a true WOW effect during Rodeo Rox! Each experience embodied excellence and award-winning dental service! Thank you for caring for our patients!

Rodeo Dental

Rock on! The Laredo Guadalupe dental team makes our patients feel like ROX stars up on the main stage with good vibes, healthy smiles, and rockin’ dental tunes!

Rodeo Dental

We are full of celebrations this week! This Rockstar celebrated their special day with the Cypress team! Can we get a ‘Bell-Yeah’! 🔔

IMAGINATION Brought to Life!

Uniqueness & vibrant colors are joined in with the decorations, and the originality that you only see at Rodeo Dental is the cherry on top!



Pharr’s red carpet themed smile station made for the perfect ending to a rockin’ dental visit! They channeled their inner ROXStar and got creative with a mind-blowing stage to capture the most daring smiles!

San Benito

San Benito

Taking the main stage and blowing their patients away with rockin’ decor is San Benito! Check out those award-winning smiles!

Houston Woodforest

Houston Woodforest

Rockin’ Out in Woodforest and celebrating our 10th anniversary! Come jam out with us, like these awesome rockstars, and see what all the hype is about!

Central Brownsville

Central Brownsville

What a better rockstar stage than Central’s flamin’ hot smile station! Full of color, energy, and rockin’ vibez! Capture your swagger moments at Central!

TOP 3 Sizzle Videos!

These livestreams were epic and the teams went above and beyond! They showed off the activities and Rodeo Rox decor throughout the lobby with so much excitement! Great work guys!

Video Vibezz

Houston Scott st video

The Triple SUC started the roll call challenge and brought that FIYA! #ScottSt 🔥

Casa View Dallas Video

Casa View showin’ up and showin’ out for Rodeo Rox! 🎸 

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