Freebird Pop Spirit Celebration
Moolazo Pop Spirit Celebration

Freebird/Moolazo CHALLENGE

Results Are In! ūüŹÖ

IT’S TIME! Here are the June 9th – July 6th¬†¬†Roadies¬†Spirit¬†Champs!
Which Rodeo Dental team captured awesome moments and experiences during this Pop Spirit Celebration?


#1 Central Brownsville – OUR WINNER!!!!ūüéČ

Coming in NUMERO UNO, Team Brownsville off Central! They put on an AMAZING Waka Waka show and scored an amazing Moolazo!

Rio Grande City Rodeo Dental

2. San Benito

Stepping into second place and bringing in the Freebird energy is San Benito, who helped their patients get their wings and take flight!

Rodeo Dental Brownsville Southmost video

3. Brownsville Southmost

Taking 3rd place is Brownsville off Southmost! It’s Christmas in July and the team showed off their early Christmas spirit!¬†Way to go Southmost!

Rodeo Dental San Benito Video

4. Mission

Mission claimed their 4th place with this creative video that brought the Rodeo spirit to life! Way to go Mission! 


5. Laredo Guadalupe

Rolling into fifth place, Laredo Guadalupe burst into Spirit Champs with boundless energy and elevated plenty of smiles during Freebird!

*WOW* Call Outs

With colorful backgrounds and delivering the bona fide vibe everyone feels at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics – the smile DNA was truly shown off!

Rodeo Dental

Our adorable patient had such a fun time celebrating  freedom with us at his First Rodeo Dental experience! Way to go Mission on making it an exciting and memorable visit! 

Pop Spirit Celebration

Laredo Zapata embraced the Freebird Spirit and packed their office day-to-day with fun activities, laughter and bright colors!

Rodeo Dental

Scott St. Houston patients were ready to get in front of the Freebird backdrop. Always creating sweet moments to cherish with their loved ones.

Pop Spirit Celebration

Main Street took smiles to new heights during Freebird! They helped their patients elevate their smile by entertaining them with their colorful birdhouses. 

IMAGINATION Brought to Life!

Uniqueness & vibrant colors are joined in with the decorations, and the originality that you only see at Rodeo Dental is the cherry on top!

san benito

san benito

Going above and beyond for their decorations! San Benito had Freebird on down on lock!



Pharr took their creativity to new heights with their Freebird smile station! This bright and colorful set up made for an awesome attraction!

Fort Worth Main St

Fort Worth Main St

Main Street was soaring high and proud during Freebird! They were showing off their true colors during our Pop Spirit Celebration.

Houston Woodforest

Houston Woodforest

The Woodforest office brought the “A” game with this smile station! Our patients loved showing off their smile in front of it!

Doctor Shoutouts ūüď£

Thank you to all our amazing Dentists, Orthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons and Pediatric Dentists that actively participated in our awesome Pop-Spirit Celebration!

San Benito Freebird Rodeo Dental

San Benito Freebird Rodeo Dental

We see you Dr. Lee!! Keep flying high and helping patients reach for the skies!

Main Street Rodeo Dental Freebird

Main Street Rodeo Dental Freebird

Dr. Dugoni was freeing his self-expression during our Freebird Celebration at Main Street.

Laredo Guadalupe Freebird

Laredo Guadalupe Freebird

Dr. Kim lit up the room and made this family’s day! Thank you for always bringing laughter into our Laredo office!

Doctor Carreon Shoutout Moolazo

Doctor Carreon Shoutout Moolazo

It’s always a party with Dr. Carreon!¬†His energy and kindness makes for a one of a kind experience at Ruben Torres!¬†

TOP 3 Sizzle Videos! ūüé•

These livestreams were epic and the teams went above and beyond! They showed off the activities and decor throughout the lobby with so much excitement! Great work guys!

Pharr Rodeo Dental live stream

#1. Brownsville Southmost

Laredo Rodeo Dental video

#2. Laredo Guadalupe

Rodeo Dental Brownsville central blvd

#3. Brownsville Central Blvd.

Video Vibezz

Brownsville Ruben Torres video
Freebird Rio Grande City

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