We all know that summer can tend to get a little boring for kids. Finding interesting activities can be a challenge, and we’re here to help the South Houston community! The Houston area is filled with action-packed activities for both children and adults, so you’re in luck!

One of our favorite places to visit is definitely the Space Center. It’s an adventure created for children of all ages wanting to have an astronaut’s experience. They can learn about space and explore the universe. The technology used in the Space Center is astonishing, A Tech Above, just like Rodeo, and that’s why we appreciate it so much. It’s an amazing place for learning as well as having fun, and it’s a must-see for all the kids of the community.

The next destination worth seeing is obviously the Houston Zoo. It’s known as one of the 10 best zoos in the nation, and for good reason! Contact with animals is extremely valuable for children, especially at a young age. What better way to learn about animals you don’t usually have a chance to see than by visiting a zoo. The Houston Zoo has the additional benefit of a special children’s zoo and an aquarium filled with exotic aquatic animals. That’s amazing!

If you’re looking for a fun and educational destination, the Children’s Museum of Houston is the place for you and your child. This world-class museum has everything, from interactive exhibitions of various scientific fields to creating their own gadgets. It even has fun-filled activities for infants and toddlers. Constant learning inspires us, as well as the Children’s Museum, since they obviously have Perpetual Forward Motion embedded into their work.

And don’t forget the Miller Outdoor Theatre! The Smile DNA in their kid-friendly performances will absolutely amaze you and melt your heart. You will leave the Theatre happier than ever.

We also strongly suggest visiting the Chocolate Bar. The name alone sounds like it will blow your mind. And it will! A True WOW Effect is obvious in this one. It’s all about fun, happiness and chocolate, of course! They have numerous little chocolate-made novelties for everyone to enjoy, and you can take a look at the preparation area. If you ever wanted to know how chocolate is made, now’s your chance!

These are just some of our favorite destinations, but there’s a lot more! Explore on your own, find what suits you best and let us know how you enjoyed them!