Envision a world where dentistry isn’t simply about oral care but also about shaping unforgettable experiences and inspiring luminous smiles. This is the reality at Rodeo Dental Casa Grande, a pioneering dental clinic for all dental services under one roof in Casa Grande that caters to both adults and children. Skydive Arizona, the largest skydiving center globally, celebrated Rodeo’s groundbreaking approach and dedication to the Casa Grande community with an epic sky-diving stunt caught on camera!

Rodeo Dental is far from the stereotypical dentist. How they present all of their services with this vibrant color, style and vibe is something we have never seen from a dentist before. The Casa Grande community has embraced the Rodeo team completely so we decided to show Rodeo that we can match that same energy!

~Sky-diving expert Chazi

The essence of skydiving aligns flawlessly with one of Rodeo Dental Casa Grande’s favorite values – delivering a genuine WOW effect. The team perpetually challenges themselves to offer customized experiences so captivating that their patients can’t resist sharing them with their loved ones. When a patient walks in they are greeted with a hearty “Welcome to the Rodeo!” and a celebration of theater, individuality and self-expression takes place.

We love to acknowledge the unique artist and performer in each patient that visits us and believe every patient should feel what it’s like to be a Celebrity Star!

~Anise Madrid Rodeo Dental Front Desk


The dedicated team of award-winning doctors provide all-encompassing dental services to Casa Grande from Pediatric Dentistry to Orthodontics to specialty services such as oral surgery and Prosthodontics. However, their role exceeds the boundaries of a dental clinic. Rodeo’s distinction as the “Best For The World 2022” is more than just a badge; it is evidence of their commitment to patients, the community and their very own team members. Far more than just a Casa Grande dentist; Rodeo has positioned itself as a cornerstone of the community. From Mission Royale to Casa Vista, from Cottonwood Ranch to McCartney Ranch, and from Gila Buttes to Villago and Tuscany, Rodeo has quickly made a splash since launching the office in May and have shown no signs of slowing down.

We understand that the needs of every patient are distinctive and we offer individualized care that addresses those needs, whether it’s a routine check-up, dental cleaning, braces, or any other dental service.

~Dr. Gulati


The alignment between Skydive Arizona’s focus on safety and adventure in skydiving and Rodeo Dental Casa Grande’s prioritization of patient safety and experience is truly remarkable. Dedication to providing superior dental services in Casa Grande goes beyond guaranteeing bright smiles. Just like a skydive, they believe that each dental visit should be an adventure, an opportunity for discovery and a chance to create an unforgettable experience. Delivering on the mission to give every family the KEY to access high-end dental and provide a stellar experience, the Rodeo Team has shown that their patients’ dental journeys can be as breathtaking and memorable as a skydive over the gorgeous Arizona landscape.

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