Recently, our amazing team had a great opportunity to go lead a Rodeo Dental Presentation at IDEA Academy in Edinburg. IDEA Public Schools foster students on the road to college and give them the advanced education children need. They are separate from the local school districts and have over 79 locations across Texas and Southern Louisiana. More than 1600 students attend their campuses and 100% of their kids are college bound. IDEA Edinburg is a Pre-K through 12th grade campus. These are schools that open up possibilities for your children!

We were lucky enough to be invited by a student to do a Rodeo Dental presentation for her class about dental hygiene and our field of work. The students seemed to appreciate the presentation so much that the Vice Principal asked us to present to the remainder of the school the following week. We were absolutely thrilled! Since a lot of children attend that school, they were divided into groups for us, so we ended up presenting to over 700 kids of IDEA Academy in a span of 6 hours.

The experience was amazing and the children phenomenal! They really seemed like they were soaking up everything, which gave us the strength to keep going! We have discussed various topics, such as the importance of going to the dentist, dental fears or phobias, cavity-fighting candy, and we taught them how to properly brush and floss.

Our mission is not only to educate about maintaining good health, but also to make dental hygiene exciting! Seeing children realize how fun and enjoyable dentistry is warms our hearts. We even showed them our new toothbrush and they thought it was fantastic!

The most exciting part of the Rodeo Dental presentations were the moments kids could participate and interact with us. Each group jumped at the opportunity to dance and take pictures with our mascot MooMoo. We were thrilled they loved MooMoo as much as we love him! Each kid also got a Rodeo Educational Baggie that contained a Rodeo Dental Educational Pamphlet, a toothbrush, Xylitol pops that help prevent cavities and ear infections, a Did You Know Flyer. Now they have all the essential information by their side at all times.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to educate and give back to our wonderful community!