Community and Family Day Expo saw thousands flock to enjoy a wealth of resources which took place on the final day of the National Urban League Conference held in Houston, TX. The day kicked off with anticipation and promise of growth, empowerment, and unity as parents and kids hit up the ‘Back-to-School Zone’. This designated area was a standout feature of the event and became a haven for families looking to prepare their young scholars with tools and resources for successful academic development.

Children received free backpacks, school supplies and free health screenings, ensuring a jump-start to their academic year. The zone also offered attendees access to a free legal clinic, a beacon for those looking to clear records and seek legal counsel.

“Community day is a time where families from across the Houston area can come and enjoy a day where they can utilize a host of resources… and it’s all free.”


~ Marc H. Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League, encapsulated the spirit of the day

Rodeo Dental was there in style with a vibrant booth that hosted a DJ, entertainment, games, and live performances that delivered an enjoyable experience. In the midst of all this excitement the Rodeo Dental Outreach Team ensured families were not only educated about dental health but also left with a heightened sense of what community means.


“We are passionate about making an impact on the local community leaning into one of our core values which is “Tireless Pursuit of Impact”.


~ Hiram, a local Rodeo Dental partner and Community Advocate


“Rodeo’s presence is a testament of their unwavering commitment to fostering community health, wellness education, and providing top-notch dental care.”

Being a staunch advocate for community upliftment, the Rodeo Dental Team understands the importance of education focusing on health and wellness information in the ‘Back-to-School Zone’ booth. The stage was lit with a carnival of color and energy, echoing the lively atmosphere of their dental offices, which are designed to make dental visits a fun, anxiety-free and a memorable experience.


Combining health with fun is part of the broader mission: “to give every family the key to access high-end dental.

“It’s about making a genuine difference. By partaking in community events such as the Family Day Expo, we are bridging gaps, inspiring smiles, and ensuring that every person, regardless of their background, has access to the dental care they deserve”.


~ Dr. Sylvester Turner of Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics of Houston off Scott Street.

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