There’s nothing typical about Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics. From the entertainment experience they provide, the celebrations they have, the world-class, multi-specialty services they offer, and the upbeat culture they embody, they’re far from the standard dental office.

What other companies would consider “job fairs”, they call ROX Star Searches.

They landed on this name because they’re looking for rockstar team members. Everyone on their team is carefully selected and it’s important that they align with the Rodeo culture, values, and mission explicitly.

They aim to create an experience out of everything they do and really strive to immerse everyone who walks through their doors with Rodeo flare. So of course, these events come with music, swagger, color, and style.

“As much as we value patient experience, we also value our candidates’ experience,” explained Natalie Meyer, recruiting team member at Rodeo Dental. “Our goal with these ROX Star Searches is to eliminate any fear and anxiety that may prevent someone from being themselves. We wanted to find a way where we could have fun with candidates and show off who we are in the process.”

At their newest DFW location in Irving, they hosted their 14th ROX Star Search event to allow candidates to audition for a clinical position at the new office or any DFW established location, and for the first time at one of these types of events, candidates could audition for a headquarter position, as well.

This event was also a first for many of their team members at headquarters.

“It really feels like more of a social event,” said Amanda Bowlby, creative services team member. “Thinking back to past interviews I’ve had at other companies, this was completely different. Instantly walking through the door we’re really surprising these candidates but in a good way. We’re immediately breaking the ice!”

These ROX Star Searches are exciting and memorable and create an environment that allows for Rodeo Dental and potential candidates to get to know each other in a truly organic and naturally fun setting.

“I wasn’t expecting this at all and was truly surprised once I entered the building,” said ROX Star Search attendee, Yamile. “Being met with this positive energy and support was not something I’ve ever experienced at a job fair. This felt truly unique.”

The formula appears to work very well as applicants see the Rodeo culture on full display and get to interact with team members from different fields, which allows them to honestly gauge what Rodeo is all about.

Candidates get to experience firsthand what makes Rodeo Dental such a special company and why their B-corp rating is so well-deserved. Fun, quick engagement points that deliver company culture experiences, Pop Spirit Celebration introductions, and deeper dives of discussion with Rodeo team members performing in the very same positions candidates are applying for provide full transparency.

“The entire interview process is really better and more inclusive as a whole. They truly learn about our mission, our core values, Pop Spirit Celebrations, the positions we have available and talk to people in those positions,” Meyer said. “It truly is a much more fun and impactful experience for everyone involved.”

Find out why Rodeo Dental is your dream job!

The Rodeo Dental Irving location will open its doors on June 30th. With a Grand Opening Bash launching shortly thereafter. See what everybody is talking about and don’t miss any of the exclusive coverage on the Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics Irving Facebook page. Or, if you prefer Instagram, find them here.