Masks Don't Hide Our Smile-DNA™️

Strike a pose – Let it flow – Smile like you mean it! 😁

Back In The Saddle!

The Rodeo Team is back in the saddle and our Smile DNA is brighter than ever! All Rodeo Offices are open and our doctors and staff are providing all types of dental services!!

Your Safety is Our Business!

When our founders created Rodeo Dental, they made safety a cultural cornerstone. We are proud of our 1st Core Value: Patient Safety is Paramount!
The Coronavirus Pandemic has shined a spotlight on the war against germs. The entire world is better educated on the importance of good hand hygiene and regular cleaning/disinfection techniques. The industry term for this is Infection Control!

The Rodeo Team has been obsessed with Infection Control since day 1. We have dozens of Infection Control Experts on our teams, and we follow CDC, ADA, TDA, and TSBDE guidelines where safety protocols are concerned. Our significant investments in sterilization technology along with rigorous doctor and staff training power our safety mentality.

Every Rodeo Office has an Infection Control Specialist who is trained and accountable for all aspects of patient and employee safety. Likewise, every office has a Full-Time Concierge who cleans high-touch surfaces and leads regular deep cleaning cycles. Expect a clean, best-in-class, hospital-grade environment when visiting a Rodeo Facility!

sterile environment rodeo dental

Our New Patient Screening Process:

A number of things have changed since we’ve last seen each other 😀 When you arrive at a Rodeo Office, you’ll see our patient screening station located near the lobby door.

  • Our screening process takes about 45 seconds to complete.  We check for COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, and perform a temperature check.
  • Health Status Stickers: Everyone that passes the Health Check receives a green Health Status Sticker and is admitted into the Rodeo Office. All doctors, staff, patients, and guardians get screened and wear these stickers to ensure everyone is safe!

Health Status Sticker

  • Back Stage Pass! Healthy patients also receive a super cool wristband that enables access to the back office where our exam and treatment rooms are located. The wristband is your back-stage pass to see a doctor and participate in our Masquerade Pop Spirit Celebration!

Masquerade Pop Spirit Celebration Wristband

  • Relax and Chill! The Rodeo Team believes in social distancing guidelines! If there are no available rooms in the back office, we may ask you to wait in the lobby or to return to your car and wait.

What You Can Do to Help:

Take care of yourself and your family!  Practice good hand hygiene, use proper cough and sneeze etiquette, and take social distancing guidelines seriously!

  • Fast Track your Appointment by calling our Patient Loyalty Team
    • Update your personal information and health history before arriving at the office
    • Pay on the Phone: Make payments over the phone for upcoming ORTHO Adjustments
    • VIP:  Proceed directly to a Treatment Room after being screened for COVID-19 Symptoms
  • If you have COVID-19 Symptoms or been exposed to COVID-19, see your health care physician before making an appointment
    • If you are in Pain, please call us immediately and one of our doctors will evaluate your situation.  We treat emergency cases every day.
  • Wear clean clothes and wash your hands before leaving your home. Apply hand sanitizer if possible. If you have a mask, put it on before entering a Rodeo Office. If not, Rodeo will provide a protective mask for you
  • Make It or Break It! With the current Social Distancing norms, we are not able to see as many patients as usual. In many cases, we are having to reschedule patients for a later date. Please Call Us if you are unable to make your appointment so we can make your spot available to someone who really needs it!

Our Commitment to Texas Communities

We missed you over the past couple of months, but rest assured we’ve been busy! Our fearless doctors and staff performed hundreds of emergency dental procedures throughout the state of Texas!

The critical nature of these situations was intense and left untreated would have required immediate visits to hospital emergency rooms. We are proud of our doctors and staff who were first responders and put patient needs ahead of their own.

The Rodeo Give Back!

The past four to six weeks have been tough for everyone, but the people who operated day-in and day-out on the front lines of the crisis deserve a special status. With most of the world on lock-down, we really wanted to leverage our expertise, network, and scale to support these Hero’s! No doubt, Rodeo stepped up and tapped into the collective spirit of our doctors and team members to Pay it Forward!

The Rodeo Team donated and delivered thousands of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items, medical supplies, and our emotional support to health care centers, hospitals, and other community-driven organizations throughout the state of Texas. That’s the Rodeo Way! #BellYeah #DoTheRightThing

Rodeo Dental Laredo PPE Donations
Rodeo Dental Weslaco PPE Donations
Rodeo Dental Brownsville PPE Donations
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