Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics

Our Mission

Rodeo Dental was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone deserves access to high-end dental care regardless of means, status, or location. Our mission is “to Give Every Family the KEY to Access High-End Dental Care”. 

The Mission KEY is symbolic as it unlocks patient access to value as signified by the five blue ribbons: 

Our duty is to educate surrounding communities on the benefits of great oral healthcare, the advantages of preventative services, and considerations regarding potential treatment options.

Low Cost:
We commit to provide the industry’s most affordable dental services.

One Stop Shopping:
We offer all types of dental services under one roof by providing top-notch General Dentists, Orthodontists, Board Certified Pediatric Dentists, Oral Surgeons, and Endodontists at every Rodeo location.

On Demand:
We understand that patients want dental services on demand – not when it’s convenient for dentists and staff. This requires an ever-increasing commitment to flexible office hours and remote diagnostic technologies that bring dentists and patients together in real-time.

Patient Experience:
Our company culture is designed to tap into patient dreams and boost the Inner Spirit! We design themed patient transformations and stage one-of-a-kind experiences that prompt peak-moments of discovery, insight, pride, and accomplishment.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

The Rodeo Culture is our most valuable asset. Our Core Values are cultural cornerstones because they are the foundation of who we are and keep us focused on the “how” part of achieving our mission. The Rodeo Team is obsessed with Patient Safety, Patient Experience, Smile-DNA™, and our other Core Values because they motivate us to create high-end value for our patients at the most affordable costs.

We recognize the importance of communicating our Core Values to the world, because they reflect how we operate and what you can expect from our team.

Business as a Force for Social Good

selected as Best for the world

Rodeo is different from traditional dental offices and groups because we are committed to using business as a force for social good. We are the only dental company in the world that is B-Corp certified, and in 2021 & 2022 were one of only four companies in the U.S. to be selected as “Best For The World” specifically for governance. The selection methodology entailed deep, external evaluations of the structures and processes implemented at Rodeo to ensure accountability, transparency, equity and inclusiveness, empowerment, and compliance with industry standards such as the CDC, ADA, TDA, OSHA, HHS OIG, HIPAA, state dental boards, etc.


Our Education Ribbon

Education as the First Blue Ribbon!

Community outreach is an important part of the Rodeo mission and is featured prominently on our Mission key as the first blue Education ribbon. Our outreach teams focus on educating communities on the benefits of good oral health and hygiene, helping families overcome access to care barriers, creating brand awareness, trumpeting our value proposition, and making sure that everyone understands how Rodeo is different from other dental groups and solo practices.

The Rodeo Partner Ecosystem

The Rodeo Partner Ecosystem

Rodeo outreach teams integrate deeply into communities, and actively connect our elite network of general dentists and specialists to organizations and to people directly. We form meaningful relationships and partner up with schools, daycares, sports organizations, nail salons, hair salons, barbershops, fire departments, police departments, girl and boy scout clubs, fitness centers, etc. Nutrition is especially important where good oral health is concerned and relevant to our mission. Many leaders in healthcare, like the Mayo Clinic, see the mouth as a window to a person’s overall health. Food selection is extremely important. For example, sugary drinks are proven to accelerate tooth decay. Hence, grocery stores are natural partners for Rodeo. Our outreach teams post up with table setups from time to time at these locations to educate and interact directly with community members

Access to Care Challenges

Communities look to Rodeo Dental for advice on how to overcome many types of access to care challenges. Rodeo outreach initiatives are grounded in education and designed to help families overcome these access challenges. Core outreach interactions are intended to raise awareness and promote the benefits of good oral health, regular visits to the dentist, and preventive dental measures. Rodeo outreach teams interact with hundreds of organizations and thousands of families every year. Many families request more information. Others get excited about what they learn and want to act immediately. Our outreach teams are frequently asked to schedule appointments on the spot.

Access to care

Access to Specialists

Our outreach teams are keenly aware of situations where family attempts to obtain complex care have been abandoned due to lack of access to specialists in underserved areas. The burden placed on families to coordinate care across dental offices, and possibly geographies, exacerbates the situation. Rodeo is unique because it offers all dental services under one roof, relieves the coordination burden, and accelerates the delivery of care. When the community learns about this, many families are overjoyed and recommit to pursuing care for their members.

Affordable Services

Some families believe they cannot afford to go to the dentist and resign to live with progressive tooth decay. Many adults with no insurance fall into this category and most of them are parents. Our outreach teams have learned that this group of parents is less likely to schedule regular visits to the dentists for their kids. However, once they learn that low-cost, cash services and financing options are available, many want to step up and schedule dental visits for the entire family.

Patient experience

Patient Experience Sets Us Apart

The Rodeo patient experience is designed to help communities overcome any concerns of visiting a dentist and get the regular dental care they need. Our outreach team members are experts on patient experience and help people overcome these fears in their day-to-day interactions.

What we learn in our outreach initiatives plays a role in developing company culture and was instrumental in the creation of our mascot – Moo Moo. Outreach team members suit up as Moo Moo with the intent of reducing anxiety and promoting a positive and uplifting patient experience.

Outreach Effectiveness

Outreach Effectiveness

Outreach activities are evaluated and prioritized by potential community impact and ability to help families overcome access to care challenges. Funding outreach is an investment, so it is natural to support activities that expand reach. We also connect with key influencers and thought leaders throughout the community.

Outreach events are placed on a calendar and staffed accordingly. For some events, we measure the success of an activity by the number of people educated – not total attendance. Rodeo has been performing outreach activities for over 10 years. We know from experience that good outreach efforts not only educate but result in community care requests. Partner choice, Venue, educational materials, and outreach team member effectiveness all contribute to a successful outreach endeavor.

One Big, Beautiful Brand!

Social Validation

Rodeo Dental has amassed over 50,000 5-Star Google & Facebook Reviews and our offices have a collective Google rating of 4.94 out of 5.0. Our dentists and teams across the state regularly receive external awards that celebrate and validate the Rodeo standard of excellence. We challenge ourselves to deliver personalized experiences that are so compelling patients will share them instantly with family and friends. Rodeo believes in theater and values individuality, self-expression, artists, and entertainers. Each Rodeo office has its very own actively managed Facebook page and the brand is highly involved on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter!

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