One of our core values at Rodeo Dental is being involved in the local community! We like getting to know our community a little bit better and hanging out with amazing people. We consider this a great way to connect with our dear patients. In order to make our community feel safe, everyone has a special and very important role to play.

The Fire Department is an essential part of every community since it keeps its people safe and protected. Taking care of the community we live in is an admirable goal that we share with the brave people from the Fire Department. For that reason, Rodeo Dental decided to host our fabulous Weslaco Fire Department members. We wanted to take the time to understand the nature of their work, find out what their everyday life like, and hear some interesting stories. We also wanted to introduce them to the importance of the work we do to help our community. And of course, how awesome it is to meet some new friends!

The party for the Weslaco Fire Department was hosted at our Weslaco, TX office at 1901 W Expy 83 #800, Weslaco, TX 78596. It was held on 10th of July from 11am to 1pm. We had an amazing time! We met so many beautiful people with amazing stories which inspired us all to do more for the people around us. We made some new and amazing friends and we expect this awesome friendship to continue in the future.

But, a party would not be a party without a balloon artist! Rodeo Dental Weslaco wanted to make sure that everything is set for our heroes. Therefore, while the Weslaco Fire department was at the office, a giant balloon fire truck was parked there, so people could take photos with it. The photos were absolutely amazing! It was a really unique experience and we look forward to connecting with other parts of the Weslaco community in the future!