Those who trust us with their dental care are much more to us than patients. They are the neighbors and friends who make up the communities we’ve grown into.

We’re proud to be able to do our part in contributing to the social good of our communities. A very important core value of ours that guides all of our choices inside our practice and out is #DoTheRightThing. We’re proud to consistently be able to make our communities a priority through engaging, educating, and contributing where we can.

This week we were able to partner with Carter BloodCare – backed by the driving force of Dr. Yahya Mansour and Darling Rojas – to bring a donation bus to our Main St. location in Fort Worth for our employees to give blood where it’s critically needed in our communities.

Michelle Jackson, a mobile mentor for Carter BloodCare, said high schools supply about 60% of blood donations during the school year. However, with many schools moving to virtual learning, they’re urgently looking for donors.

Team Rodeo stepped up and filled the entire roster of donation slots. We were able to provide 13 units of blood to our local communities in need!

For our first time hosting a blood drive with our Fort Worth team members, we certainly followed the lead of our other locations and achieved tremendous success. With that being said, we plan to keep pursuing these types of events in the future.

At Rodeo, we’re committed to helping all of our neighbors, patients or not, and we’re proud to be able to keep finding new ways to show our appreciation.

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