Buckle up, Colorado Springs! The SLUSH Motorsports event comes alive every #SLUSHSunday with high-octane energy and Rodeo Dental of Colorado Springs came along for the ride. This dynamic, adrenaline-fueled event pulls in car fanatics from all corners of the nation, uniting them under one banner of shared enthusiasm and love for all things automotive.

The festival’s atmosphere is electric, pulsating with the roar of engines and the buzz of camaraderie. However, SLUSH offers more than just spectating. It builds a unique platform for drivers, offering them ample time on the tracks to prove their mettle. Meanwhile, fans are treated to thrilling ride-along experiences, allowing them a first-hand taste of the rush that comes from being in a race car.


This event stands as a shining testament to the powerful community spirit among car enthusiasts. The shared passion for motorsports fuels an electric energy, sparking connections, and fostering a unique sense of unity.

At Rodeo Dental of Colorado Springs you’ll find the same powerful drive for top-quality care. Be it in Stratmoor, Cimarron Hills, at the University of Colorado Springs, Gleneagle, Briargate, or east of I-25 in Colorado Springs, this all-star dental team is driven by one of Rodeo’s core values – “Perpetual Forward Motion”!”

The core value of “Perpetual Forward Motion” encapsulates the ethos of Rodeo, emphasizing the importance of constant progress and high performance. This principle underscores the value of consistent training and employee education.

It promotes proactive thinking, planning, learning and rehearsing as opportunities to improve”.


~ Dr. K, DMD at Rodeo Dental off Academy Blvd states.


“We believe that at Rodeo Dental great patient outcomes and exceptional patient experiences stem from continuous team development.


Rodeo Dental of Colorado Springs‘ unwavering commitment to continuous training, education and improvement is not only commendable but also serves as one of the cornerstones in achieving their mission. The team’s tireless progress underscores their dedication to making high-end dental care accessible to every family, regardless of their means, status, or location.

This steadfast dedication to their mission has seen Rodeo Dental achieve “Best For The World 2022” status as a B-corp company. This achievement is a fitting recognition of the exemplary services provided by their team of award-winning doctors and compassionate staff, who collectively strive to deliver unique patient experiences.


This patient-centric approach has positioned Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics as a major player in dental care in the Colorado Springs area, which is especially reflected in the heartfelt feedback from patients:

The best service ever! The staff is so kind and friendly with children… My children are always asking to come back.


~ Cricia Bonilla


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Both SLUSH Motorsports Festival and Rodeo Dental highlight the remarkable power and success that stems from passionate, dedicated, and forward-thinking communities. Their tireless pursuit of excellence is a testament to the potential within all of us to drive forward, inspire others, and ultimately impact change in the Colorado Springs community.

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