Freedom Fest – Rio Grande City, TX

Independence Day is right around the corner, but we started off our celebration early at the incredible Freedom Fest in Basilio V. Park, Rio Grande City on June 24th.

We had a blast at this amazing community event. Our team looks for absolutely any opportunity we can get our hands on to spend time with our wonderful community, and you can bet we weren’t going to miss this event! The event had some amazing things, such as thrilling car shows, spectacular softball tournaments, breathtaking live music, a bunch of delicious BBQs, exciting carnival rides and an impressive firework display! This was an ideal way to start off your Independence Day celebrations and see the best of what the Starr County community had to offer. All the vendors from Starr County were invited, so it’s safe to say there was something for everyone. The best thing was: the admission was free! We’re so glad we didn’t miss this event!

Our all-star team mixed business and pleasure, educating the public on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. We’re always looking for ways to give back to our beloved community and an extraordinary community event such as this one is the perfect opportunity! We’re so happy for those who didn’t miss out on this remarkable chance to get advice on dental health from experienced dental experts. More than anything, we are thankful that Freedom Fest provided the opportunity for our incredible team to meet others and share their best tips and tricks on maintaining perfect oral hygiene. We hope you all enjoyed the Freedom Fest; the Rodeo Team certainly did!

We will be expecting you at the next event! So next time make sure that you drop by, say hello! Most of our events have wonderful music, delicious food and take place in this amazing community of Rio Grande City!