A Tech Above

Here at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics we constantly strive to be the best we possibly can. We always keep improving, and here is another way we did exactly that!

Nomad Pro 2 by Gendex is a revolutionary handheld X-ray that will improve your satisfaction in our state-of-the-art offices and make your experience better than ever.

We have chosen the Nomad Pro 2 as a must-have piece of technology to our home because of our core value of being “A Tech Above” and having the best technology to make the entire process a piece of cake! Making the process effortless for both of us makes us free to enjoy every other wonderful aspect of dentistry.

With this astounding handheld X-ray, we are moving to the future and creating a more efficient and enjoyable method for both the patient and the doctor. Unlike traditional X-ray systems, the Nomad is lightweight, rechargeable and we can bring it everywhere we need. That means that we can acquire the X-ray image without the need for several rooms or units.

And what’s more, the kids will have a blast! The process is remarkably easy even with kids who can’t sit still. Usually, the traditional dentist X-rays can be intimidating for children, but not anymore! Unlike previous X-rays, where children have large painful tabs to bite down on, the Nomad makes sure that your child is unharmed and as joyous as ever.

The Nomad also produces a lot less radiation! Which is awesome, because your health is what matters the most to us. The Nomad has external and internal shields which are specially designed to protect both the doctor and the patient from radiation exposure.

As you can see, the future is at the Rodeo Dental. Feel free to check out our offices at your nearest location and meet our extremely helpful staff. Visit us once and you will immediately realize you have found a dentist for life.