Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics named official dentist and partner of RGVFC Toros for the second season in a row

The Rio Grande Valley FC Toros, our favorite American professional soccer team, has declared Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics as their official dentist for the second year in a row! All our employees are crazy about soccer, and our entire company is a huge fan of our local team, the RGV Toros. We are on cloud nine because they’ve chosen us, again!

We all know that physical and dental health are very important and we want to teach everyone how to improve them! So, we and the RGV Toros are going to do our best to spread the word. Together we are going to visit our younger soccer fans in schools! Where we can have a chance to kick a ball around and talk about physical and dental wellness. (And we won’t forget to ask our Toros friends for an autograph or selfie while we’re there!) This is just one of many joint events we plan on doing with the soccer superstars. Together we can make sure the local communities are educated on dental health, and rocking those bright and shiny smiles!

Speaking of bright and shiny teeth, check out the healthy smiles on the RGV Toros players – that’s what we want for everyone in our community! Thanks to our world-class expert team at Rodeo Dental, we are absolutely confident that we can make that happen for all our patients. We are extremely happy to have gained the trust of our favorite soccer team, and we believe it also has something to do with our common values. Just like the Toros, we are always focusing on achieving maximum results, striving to improve, and being the best we can be! This also includes playing soccer – don’t be fooled by our scrubs, we know how to kick the ball!

You can be sure at Rodeo Dental you will get a unique blend of top-notch dental health and great fun! Which means ensuring no-tear visits to the dentist for your youngest family members, and the best overall dental experience for moms and dads. You can find our state-of-the-art dental offices at 10 locations all over the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. If you’re as big of a fan of the Toros as we are, you can drop by some of our top-of-the-line offices in Edinburg and Elsa which are closest to the H-E-B Park.

Don’t forget to cheer on our RGV Toros team, because we sure will be! Our very own toro MooMoo simply can’t wait to catch their next game at H-E-B Park! You can find the schedule of their matches here.