RGV FC Toros vs Tulsa Roughnecks FC – Edinburg, TX

As you well know, Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics has been the official dental partner of RGV FC Toros for two seasons now, and we couldn’t be prouder! All our employees are passionate about soccer, and they are huge fans of the RGV FC Toros, our local team.

We are honored that we won the trust of this team for two years in a row. The Edinburg Dental team and our very own toro MooMoo try to go to each game that the Toros play, and this time will not be any different! Join us while we cheer on our favorite players in their next home game against Tulsa Roughnecks FC.

The audience plays an important role in any sport, and your support to the RGV FC Toros can make a great difference!

Free up your schedule for July 7 at 7:30 pm and be ready to cheer for the Toros. The Toros are looking for a win, so make sure you’re there to root them on! Bring your orange colors and roar for victory!

We are confident that they are going to win. They always aim to improve, be the very best that they can be and always go all out! And we are just like them!

Together with the Toros, we try to promote health in our wonderful community. We are visiting our young soccer fans and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves. Being healthy means being happy! And we all try to share knowledge about physical and dental health, especially to the young ones.

So be ready for the amazing game and prepare to proudly cheer for your favorite soccer team RGV FC Toros. Also, be sure to visit our Rodeo Dental top-of-the-line offices for a dental experience of a lifetime.

Feel free to check out the rest of the schedule of the RGV FC Toros to learn about their next games.

Our own toro MooMoo can’t wait for the game to begin, and neither can we!

Good luck RGV FC!