When we think of Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics, what immediately comes to mind? A unique practice that offers all dental services under one roof – from cosmetic dentistry and root canals to implant restorations and teeth whitening.

It’s this diverse range of dental services that sets Rodeo Dental apart. Dr. Zarrabi, the co-founder and CEO, teamed up with Doctor Mansour and embarked on one of their most challenging yet rewarding journeys: a full mouth restoration for Hiram Smith.

It’s more than just dentistry for us,


“Seeing Hiram’s reaction, witnessing his soul shine through his renewed smile, epitomizes our commitment to bringing out a patient’s inner radiance.”


~ Dr. Zarrabi shared. 


Hiram, once the producer of Rodeo Dental’s phenomenal ten-year anniversary event, approached Dr. Zarrabi with a lifelong concern: his smile. Many of us take our smiles for granted, but for Hiram, it represented years of self-consciousness due to his severe underbite and missing teeth.


Full mouth reconstruction is no simple task. The treatment plan often involves a combination of restorative dentistry procedures like dental implants, dental crowns, and sometimes porcelain veneers to achieve that perfect smile makeover. For those with oral health issues, treatments can span from addressing gum disease and bone graft to oral surgery and tooth extraction. Every patient’s journey is unique, so a customized approach is essential.



In Hiram’s case, the underbite presented an added layer of complexity. Typically, such conditions can require long-term braces or even oral surgery. With a dedicated team by his side, Rodeo Dental leveraged its in-house expertise in cosmetic dentistry, using advanced techniques and tools like wax-ups—a prototype made of wax that acts as a sketch of the future teeth—and 3D printing models. Through this, they could visually track Hiram’s progress from the initial state to the transformative results.

The magic lies in these transformations, in witnessing the beauty of authenticity,


~ Dr. Mansour remarked, highlighting the practice’s genuine approach to patient care.


One might think that dental implants or implant restorations alone could resolve missing teeth. However, the real magic is in combining these with other treatments, like dental bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, and upper-lower bite adjustments to achieve the ultimate result in full mouth rehabilitation.


Hiram’s journey involved dealing with root canals, infections, and the psychological ramifications of previous dental traumas. Through the efforts of Rodeo Dental’s team, the process was condensed into three phases, eliminating the need for any surgeries or orthodontics. The result? A transformed Hiram who could finally beam with confidence!

This story emphasizes the importance of holistic oral health. Beyond aesthetics, cosmetic dentists prioritize overall well-being, ensuring that issues like sleep apnea, which can result from dental problems, are adequately addressed.

What truly stands out in Rodeo Dental’s approach is the personal touch. Witnessing Hiram’s transformation, from the momentary shock to the heartfelt gratitude, paints a picture of more than just a patient-doctor relationship. It’s a testament to what genuine care combined with expert dental services can achieve.


Hiram’s experience, beyond the gleam of his renewed teeth, captures the essence of what Rodeo Dental achieves. It rejuvenated not just his appearance but his spirit, allowing him to engage with the world in a way he had only dreamt of before.

As he steps into a brighter chapter, Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics reiterates its mission: illuminating lives, one radiant smile at a time, proving that the right dental intervention can truly change a life. 

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