Often a season of tricks and treats, Halloween tends to focus on the music and movies that resonate with its spine-chilling vibe. But on Monday, October 28, a group of parents and their little ones dressed up in their favorite Halloween costumes and traveled to the Fort Worth East Regional Library. There, elementary school students sat and listened intently, for Madam Chair Nicole Collier—dressed up as Edna Mode—had come to give them a treat of her own. She propped a book on her lap, pried it open and began.

That night Madam Collier read stories about tricks, monsters and mischievous ghouls. After every story, Madam Collier turned to the kids and asked three questions about the book. Each time a correct answer was given, she handed the kid a prize, pulling their attention in even more for the next thrilling story. Even the parents clung to each word read, making sure the room remained silent as the grave so they could follow along with the story being told.

Once Madam Collier finished her books for the night, Fort Worth PD joined in on the fun. One cop read a scary children’s book of his own and later brought in McGruff the Crime Dog, the silent protector. Together, McGruff and the children rocked out to a song and danced before heading out to tour the Fire Department’s Fire Truck and Fort Worth PD’s cop car.

Rodeo Dental team members and Dr. Dugoni stood among the guests present during the readings. They took the stories in alongside the kids and even did a reading of their own, keeping the children engaged with the fantastical tale of “One Little Monster”.

As the event concluded, parents and kids took home toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by Rodeo Dental, embodying their mission to give every family the key to access high-end dental care. Having the tools to keep their oral health top-notch, parents and kids headed back out to their homes to prepare for Halloween night.

rodeo dental reading with rep
rodeo dental reading with rep