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Spring is on the way, and so are Texas Wildflowers! They come from nowhere to claim their fame with waves of color and scents that rival French perfume. It happens so fast! Like somebody just flipped a switch – a Wildflower Switch!

Wildflowers are authentic, surprising, and unpredictable!

Our dentists and team are fond of flowers because they lift the spirit – in the best AND worst of times.  We think Wildflowers are super cool because they act on their own and appear in the strangest of places. They boast free spirits and play by their own rules. No – their crazy designs aren’t for sale in flower shops. If you want fresh wildflowers, you’ll have to pick them by hand! Or better yet, buy some seeds and grow them yourself!

Tough, resilient, and hard to tame!

Wildflowers don’t get the same love and attention that roses, daisies, tulips, and other traditional flowers do. They don’t live in protected gardens that are rich in nutrients and watered by hand. But wait – that’s the cool part! Wildflowers are independent and can flourish anywhere. Even when they’re stepped on, wildflowers recover fast and just keep on growing!

Are you a Wildflower?

Most of our patients and friends at Rodeo Dental are living life in full bloom. Their smiles and spirits captivate in fun and crazy ways. Our dentists and assistants believe that every person is a Wildflower in the making! We love helping kids and young adults develop the confidence needed to free beautiful spirits that are trapped inside.

WILDFLOWER STATUS starts with great oral health and a focus on nutrition. With this in mind, Rodeo Dental Productions is excited to announce WILDFLOWER as our next Pop Spirit Celebration!

Wildflower Pop Spirit Celebration | Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics

Get Switched On!

How can something this beautiful come to life this fast and so strong? Despite the odds, wildflowers find a way! And guess what? So can you! Get wild this Spring and flip the switch – the Wildflower Switch!

Make the move to a Rodeo Dental location and get the high-end dental care you deserve. The Wildflower experience is one-of-a-kind, full of surprises, and won’t disappoint. Our dentists and guides will bring the energy, do some crazy stuff, work on your smile, and take photos and videos that will STOP TRAFFIC! Like a thousand Wildflowers blooming on a hill! Wuuuu!!

Rodeo Dental Wildflowers

Living life and blooming – Build a kite, design your own visor or top hat, coloring pages and more!

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Rodeo Dental Pharr Wildflower
Activities at Rodeo Dental Pharr
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Rodeo Dental Wildflower
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Experience the magic of Wildflower!