Tired of the same old thing? Well join the crowd! Most people are quick to dismiss the Status Quo as boring, ineffective, and out of date. Yet a small number of people actually do something about it! Change is risky – and what happens if things don’t work out so well? Besides, things aren’t that bad. Are they?

Follow the Crowd

People that are content with the Status Quo just follow the crowd. They accept the way things are currently done – as well as past ways of thinking. Followers rely on the crowd to determine what’s popular, what they should do next, and where they should do it. It’s safe alright. But it’s also BORING and the opposite of Cool and Hip.

A Better Way?

Some people resist the urge to give into the Status Quo. After all, why follow when you can lead? Promoting change and finding new ways to do things is a blast! It gets even better when others follow your lead!

Ever wonder what it feels like to be the one out front, tearing down obstacles, and making the new way? One that’s more exciting, fun, and effective? Well now’s your chance! Rodeo Dental is staging a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience that is designed to let every person feel what it’s like to be a vintage WayMaker!


Rodeo Dental Productions is excited to announce WayMaker as our next Pop Spirit Celebration!


Make Your Own Way!

When the Status Quo just doesn’t cut it, you’ve got to make a change! Come feel what it’s like to lead by diving deep in our theme-based WayMaker experience. Our dentists and team will get you outfitted for discovery and tune up your smile in the process! We’ve got all kinds of art, music, props, fashion accessories, and anonymous henchmen to make these moments count and your friends jealous. So dust off your camera phone, schedule your experience, and get ready to SNAP!


waymaker characters


Explore the magic of Waymaker!

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