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ROX Star


It’s the start of new year! A new decade for that matter! The Rodeo team is coming off a Big Win as we just celebrated 10 years of Excellence by hosting a crazy 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (ROX) at the House of Blues in Houston! That’s right – all of our dentists and staff across the entire state of Texas came together for an immersive, all-in Celebration! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at a place where Individuality and Self-Expression rule, watch our highlight video – yes all of it :-:


ROX is a Feeling! The emotions we experienced at ROX were so positive, energetic, and inspiring that we just have to share them with our patients, communities, and partners! But how, when, and where?

Get Noticed

One of the most popular questions this time of year is how to Grab Attention in a Distracted World where Attention Spans are incredibly short. You may be one of the most talented people in town, but how do you get noticed? How do you get discovered or better yet, considered for a real opportunity? Guess what? Rodeo Dental is one of the fastest growing companies in Texas, and we have lots of opportunities for passionate people that have something special to offer!

ROX Star Search!

At Rodeo Dental, we regularly host Job Fairs as means of finding Hidden Talent that has yet to be discovered. We market our recruiting initiatives as ROX Star Search events and host them in Rodeo Offices or other awesome venues near a new office location. If you have special skills, the courage to be yourself, and a burning desire to do work that matters – drop by a Rodeo Office and let us know!

The Rodeo Team knows how to GO BIG, and we’re ready to Kick Off the New Year in style! Our Creative and Production teams are excited to announce ROX Star as our first Pop Spirit Celebration in 2020!

Rox Star

Be a ROX Star! Step on stage and Pose, Flow, and Show us your Star Power!

Strut Your Stuff in front of our gigantic ROX Star backdrop and other cool photo and video walls. We’ve got the music, lights, cameras, crowds, and props to make your scene come alive. Snap cool pics, roll some video, and flow like BOSS!

Or don’t – and be doomed to oblivion – no matter how cool, beautiful, or brilliant you are. Just kidding 😀

Double down in 2020! Scheduling an Appointment now at Rodeo Dental – where every person can feel what it’s like to be a Celebrity Star!

rodeo dental rox star team
rodeo dental rox star team
rodeo dental rox star team


Experience the magic of ROX Star!