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Rodeo Rox

Rodeo ROX – 10 Year Anniversary!

A Celebration and Appreciation Note by

ben rouse CEO

Ben Rouse

Rodeo Dental President

There’s a whole lot of excitement here at Rodeo Dental! Not surprised lol? Well seriously – it’s our 10 Year Anniversary!

Ten years is amazing, but for a mission-driven company like Rodeo it’s just the beginning!

We Are Rodeo!

Rodeo Dental was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone deserves access to high-end dental care. We provide all dental specialties under one roof – and we do it in style! The Rodeo Team is committed to patient wellness, and that includes oral health, nutrition, fitness, and Inner Spirit 🤠.

Rodeo Dental Mission Statement

Rodeo Impact:

Our 10 Year Anniversary is an exciting milestone and peak moment of pride and accomplishment! It’s time to stop, take a breath, reflect, and celebrate! We have a lot to be thankful for, and I want to share the spotlight by thanking all of the amazing patients, super-dentists, incredible employees, and dedicated partners who bought into our vision and made this moment possible! Through your efforts, the collective team has achieved:

  • 1 Million Patient Visits
  • 50,000 5-Star Google and Facebook Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 32 Offices across Texas and Colorado
  • 150+ Dentists and 700 Employees
  • Dozens of Dentist and Company Awards including Best Place to Work in Fort Worth, Inc. Magazine
  • Several Texas Congressional Resolutions citing our philanthropic endeavors and social impact

Epic Celebration!

So what’s the best way to celebrate? Hosting an EPIC Pop Spirit Celebration of course!

How We Roll:

Time to lean into the moment and host a Pop Spirit Celebration that is big! I mean REALLY BIG! But wait – Rodeo goes BIG in every Pop Spirit Celebration! See for yourself! Here’s some authentic Artwork from some of my favorite celebrations. Just click on any image to see how we roll and explore one-of-a-kind experiences designed to light up your Inner Spirit:

la vida loca
shiny grillz
Pink Hearts

Rodeo ROX!

An epic celebration needs an epic theme! That’s where Rodeo creative minds come into play. We wanted a theme that fused color, music, and fashion into an interactive Pop Art Experience that sparked emotion and amped up our vibe! Well the team delivered!

Rodeo Dental Productions is excited to announce Rodeo ROX as our next Pop Spirit Celebration! ROX will run in production at all Rodeo locations through the end of the year!

Rodeo Rox

Rodeo Culture – an Inside Look:

Every year Rodeo brings all of its dentists and staff together in a single venue where we share ideas, trumpet our inner spirits, and showcase individuality and self-expression. Earlier this year, we used this annual event to host an internal Rodeo ROX celebration at the House of Blues in Houston. I’d like to share an internal ROX highlight video because the health care industry needs more passion and love. The Rodeo Culture is special – and we know how to BRING IT!


To Rodeo Patients:

Thank you for selecting Rodeo Dental as your trusted health and wellness provider! We look forward to making the next ten years even more exciting and successful than the first ten. To celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary and as a means of saying Thank You, patients that come in for a check up during the month of November will receive limited edition Rodeo Rox gear impressed with some our greatest artwork:

To Rodeo Community Partners:

To Rodeo Community Partners:

We couldn’t have done it without you!

To Rodeo Dentists:

To Rodeo Dentists:

Thank you for BRINGING IT everyday with compassion and care for our Rodeo patients! Your commitment to excellence, and continous quality improvement is unprecedented!

To Rodeo Employees:

To Rodeo Employees:

Our amazing culture and dedication to excellence all starts with YOU! Thank you for innovating, creating, and serving with your hearts, you all embody true Smile DNA!! 


Experience the magic of Rodeo Rox!