Return Of The Hallemoji
Return Of The Hallemoji

Return of the Hallemoji

Everyone likes a good horror show! Or at least it seems that way. There’s something about getting surprised when you least expect it that gets our adrenaline going! Great horror movies surprise over and over and find cool ways to ground action in drama and suspense.

Hallemoji – a Pop Culture Phenomenon

The Rodeo culture is super creative and full of energy, so NO SURPRISE – Halloween is one of our favorite seasonal events 😊 Last year we invented a themed celebration called Hallemoji that turned into a cultural phenomenon! The response from surrounding communities was EPIC as everyone leaned into our Hallemoji Pop Spirit Celebration. We’re talking schools, partners, patients, dentists, and staff. You can relive what happened here.

Or better yet – just Google “hallemoji” and click Images 😊

A Hallemoji Sequel?

It seems horror, more than any other type of movie, is more apt to come out with a sequel or second (and even third) movie. The challenge is to make the sequel even better – and it’s not an easy thing because viewer expectations are even higher! You need more surprises, better monsters, and an epic ending! Well guess what? Rodeo dentists and team members are UP for the challenge!

Rodeo Dental Productions is excited to present Return of the Hallemoji as our next Pop Spirit Celebration!

Return Of The Hallemoji

Previous Bad Experience?

Rodeo dentists know that a lot of people have had previous bad experiences at the dentist. That’s why we design theme-based patient experiences that tear down patient fear and anxiety. Our dentists and staff care about your Inner Spirit and know that an Award-Winning Smile is just one step towards a better version of YOU!

Get in Character!

Join us for Hallemoji at a Rodeo Dental location near you! This is your chance to arrive in style as a celebrity, cartoon character, ghoul, ghost, monster, witch or whatever! Not feeling the love lol? No worries! Just show up and we’ll do the rest. We’ve got dentists who care and the right type of staff to glam, prop, and style some real magic. It’s easy! We’ll stage Hallemoji pictures and videos – you SMILE AND SHARE like you mean it 😊


waymaker characters

Last Year’s Hallemoji!

Rodeo Dental Laredo Zapata Hallemoji
Rodeo Dental Fort Worth Hallemoji
Pharr Rodeo Dental Hallemoji


Explore the excitement of The Return of the Hallemoji!