HitMaker Pop Spirit Celebration


What could feel better than storming the charts with a new hit that climbs all the way up to number 1? Doing it again – Yeah!

Day Dreamers

Everyone day dreams about being a Star, producing hit after hit, and watching their latest release race up the board and claim the top spot!  OK maybe not everyone, but a lot of our dentists and staff do! Imagine being on top of your game – to the point where everything you touch turns to gold or even platinum!  What a feeling! What a Hitmaker!

Inspiration and Meaning

It’s no secret that top artists, singers, actors, and entertainers are inspired and driven by something deep inside their Inner Spirit.  They develop mad skills and summon staggering degrees of energy, effort and focus to etch out unique styles that connect and resonate with just about everyone!  It’s crazy to watch and fascinating to see most Hitmakers power their works with meaning as a way of pulling out audience emotion in new and exciting ways.

Tireless Pursuit of Results

One of our favorite Core Values at Rodeo is “Tireless Pursuit of Results”.  Assembling an amazing team of dentists, specialists, and staff that have creative natures and positive outlooks on life is awesome – but not enough.  It takes commitment, hard work, discipline, and mental toughness to deliver an exceptional experience that exceeds expectations. Like true Hitmakers, we need to look good and feel great to perform our best!  So we show up fresh and in style every day with our black scrubs, name tags, fashion gear, and an inner SPIRIT that POPS!

Showtime! Smile Like You Mean It!

Want to take 2019 by storm?  Well let’s crank out some HITS!  Our awesome dentists, staff, and creative team members are ready to tune up your SMILE and amp up your SPIRIT.

Rodeo Dental Productions is excited to announce Hit!Maker as our first Pop Spirit Celebration in 2019!

Hitmaker Pop Spirit Celebration | Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics

Just grab a mic, strike a pose, and let it flow on our awesome Production Stages!  We’ve got the props, backdrops, cultural vibe, music, and fashion accessories to fuel the mood.  Brighten your smile – add glitter and vibe! Then snap some kick ass photos and videos worth raving about!  

Nervous?  Hah – Relax!  We’ll do multiple takes, retakes, double takes, whatever it takes to make you look and feel like a Hitmaker! Bell Yeah!


The Spotlight!

Hitmakers with their family!
Hitmakers in the making at the dentist
Celebrating a baby hitmaker with pediatric dentist
Hitmakers ready to shine at Rodeo Dental
Hitmakers taking over the spotlight
Party with Hitmakers - Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics


Experience the magic of HitMaker!