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It’s no secret that a lot of people have had previous bad experiences at the dentist, and that fear and anxiety of visiting the dentist is a real phenomenon. At Rodeo we work hard every day to break down this fear via our creative mindset, authentic cultural vibe, award-winning dentists and team that really care about your inner spirit and outward facing smile.


Like most kids and adults, the Rodeo Team is fanatical about Halloween because we get to flex our personalities and act totally whacko! Ever wonder what really drives all of the excitement and participation? And why is Halloween so popular when the entire experience is based on fear?!

Where the star is you!

Well Rodeo Dental believes that Halloween’s popularity is driven from the rush of fear we get to experience in what we perceive to be a “controlled and safe environment”. Unlike other holidays and special occasions, Halloween promotes “fun as a group” and entices people to express their innermost demons or deepest desires without being judged so what’s not to like?

Go ahead – be a villain, superhero, monster, ghost, celebrity, cartoon character, witch, or whatever – it’s all good! Where Rodeo is concerned, this type of atmosphere amps up our creative spirit which brings us to the point of this article:

Rodeo Dental Productions is excited to present Hallemoji as our next Pop Spirit Celebration!

Now Playing Hallemoji

That’s right! We’re a big fan of Emoji’s at Rodeo because they are colorful, light-hearted ways to express different emotions in fun and spirited ways. In fact, the Rodeo Dental Culture is built on our natural ability to make people smile, laugh and have fun, so Emoji’s are fundamental to the way we roll!


Why is Hallemoji So Popular?

We invented the term Hallemoji by combining the excitement and rush of Halloween with the simplicity and intensity of Emoji faces. We love the collective vibe of this artwork and invite you to come experience Hallemoji for yourself at one of our Rodeo Dental Office locations or find other Pop Spirit Celebrations. Trust us -your family, friends and even dead people will love it! Contact us! — Schedule your appointment today.

Check out what happened at Hallemoji

Hallemoji baby - Pediatric at Rodeo Dental

South Houston

Dentist with kid at Hallemoji celebration

Brownsville Ruben Torres

Hallemoji fun!

Forest Hill

Hallemoji Day of the dead


Spooky Hallemoji

Forest Hill

Baby at Hallemoji - pumkin

Brownsville Central