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Class of Woah!

It’s that time again. Time to step forward. Time to move up. Time to move on…

Hey – not so fast! You’ve got to savor the moment! Claim the Win! Strut your stuff! And take a L-O-N-G and S-L-O-W Victory Lap ☺

Feeling Good!

There’s no better feeling than the end of school. Books are closed, tests are over, and it’s on to the next level. +1 for you! Finally! That feeling of scholastic pride! Followed by graduation parties, ceremonies, and events.  And oh yeah – the promise of summer gleaming in your face ☺

Pop Culture, Art, and Spirit

Our dentists and team are way into pop culture and art. Want to see for yourself? Just Google ‘Rodeo Dental’, click on Images, and scroll forever… Yeah – we got spirit! We also love to laugh at graduation pictures that capture current trends that are cool at the time – but look ridiculous or at least ‘out of style’ years later ☺

Viral Dance Craze!

Whatever the case, it’s time to strike a pose! Going to the prom? Better brush up on some new dance moves. Need some pointers? No problem! The Internet is here to help – and so are our Rodeo dentists and assistants!

Our Rodeo teams are experts at combining art, fashion, style, and attitude into Pop Culture experiences that rock the house! This year we’re going ALL IN on the latest viral dance craze by unveiling CLASS OF WOAH as our next Pop Spirit Celebration!

Class of Woah! Pop Spirit Celebration | Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics
We hear it all started on TikTok but who knows for sure? Woah is raging at Rodeo and we’ve managed to capture some of our best action in this short collection of dance moves. Check it out!

Take the Stage – Hit the Woah!

If you’re gonna Hit the Woah, you’ll need to look and feel your best! Power your Smile and boost your confidence by scheduling a Class of Woah experience at a Rodeo Dental location near you. We’ll show you how to clown, tune up your smile, and take some photos and videos that will stop your friends ‘dead in their tracks’!

One More Thing!

Congrats on making it to the next level! And remember – you can lose your driver’s license, your keys, and your friends. But no one can ever take away your education! Bell Yeah!

Rodeo Dental Class of Woah!

Watch them hit the WOAH!


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