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Yo! What’s a Pop Spirit Celebration?

Creativity rules at Rodeo, so we constantly ‘Freshen Up Our Vibe’!  We do this by enhancing our Production Stages with additional color, music, fashion, and style to power interactive Pop Art exposes and celebrations!  Each Pop Spirit Celebration is themed and consists of a celebration name, a Pop Art image (created by our kick ass graphic artists), photo and video props, and other stage decorations and activities crafted by local team members that bring the celebration to life. Every Pop Spirit Celebration theme and name has meaning, is grounded in our core beliefs, and reflects the underlying fabric of the Rodeo Culture.

Pop Spirit Celebrations Cameo Flash

Rodeo Production Stages

Rodeo Dental has the largest and most elaborate Production Stages in the entire health care industry!  Our creative designs combine color blasts with audio/visual effects to facilitate positive mood transitions and create a heightened sense of well-being.  Our themed lobbies, window graphics, and other entertainment features promote friend-to-friend and family-to-family interactions that get captured and shared in real time!  Think multi-player – not single-player 🙂

Out with the Old – In with the New!

Rodeo Production Stages are torn down and reconfigured every 28 days in order to usher in the next Pop Spirit Celebration!  Existing office decor is ripped out and replaced with an entirely new look and feel that breathes new life into the atmosphere along with an amped up team of dentists and specialists.

For an inside view of what happens behind the scenes during a Production Stage Shift, check out this very cool time-lapse video in our Houston Woodforest location.

Where YOU are the Star!

Upgraded - Rodeo Dental Laredo Zapata

Since our Pop Spirit Celebrations are designed to be interactive, it’s not unusual for patients to arrive dressed in character, ready to engage, and poised to capture and share what’s up – yeah!  You’ll find our team of dentists and assistants to be expert photo bombers, so snap at your own risk 🙂 Our Facebook and Instagram pages are loaded with pictures and videos that feature our Star Patients.  Come see us – we’ll work on your smile and make you famous!

Pop Spirit Celebration La Vida Loca
Pop Spirit Celebration Wildflower
Edinburg Pink Hearts
Spice Dynamo at Forest Hill Rodeo Dental

Fueling the Spirit

Rodeo is a huge proponent of Art and Entertainment because we know that creative expressions provoke imagination in ways that are fun, intriguing, and intense!  We find that creating our own Art and Entertainment ‘Fuels the Spirit’ and motivates us to make an even bigger difference in everyone we touch. Our dentists and staff show up BIG every day by bringing you energy, boosting your Vibe, lifting your Spirit, and saying Hello and Goodbye in ways that make you look and feel like a celebrity!

Rodeo Culture


Laredo Guadalupe Team at Rodeo Dental
Laredo Rodeo Dental team!
Rodeo Dental Laredo Guadalupe Team

At Rodeo, our dentists and team members are obsessed with Company Culture!  Our Mission and Core Values are bold and exciting because they challenge us to serve and interact with patients (and each other) in new and exciting ways.  We are particularly fond of the word ‘Spirit‘ because it captures an internal sense of inspiration, competitiveness, achievement, and FUN!

ROX Star
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