This summer, the entire world has been obsessed with the World Cup, and our team at Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics is no different. You know how much we truly love soccer, and we went all out to support our favorite teams. Many of our offices went all out in support of the World Cup, especially some of our South Texas locations like Southmost, Pharr, Ruben Torres and Rio.

Ana Orozco, Regional Outreach Lead for the Upper Valley and our Pharr office said, “We wore jerseys of our favorite soccer teams, took pictures with team and patients,  played the games on TVs in our offices and everyone watched!”

Just like Ana expressed, the Rodeo team was super excited to support their favorite teams. In fact, our team was so excited that we had World Cup watch parties for certain matches and we cheered our hearts out! We also made Snapchat filters for those events and made the fastest way to share our moments even more entertaining.

Of course, Rodeo wouldn’t be Rodeo if we didn’t upgrade our ultramodern facilities according to the theme – and what an adventure that was!

“In the Pharr office we made Mexico banners by hand with paper Mexican flags and paper soccer balls to hang from the ceiling, we also printed out the flags from all the countries that were competing and placed them in the walls,” Ana said.

Several of our offices had mini soccer goals set up in the lobby, so everyone could feel as if they are the ones trying to win a medal.

The community was never as united as they were during those matches, and we’re extremely proud we were a part of it all. And our team demonstrated it by wearing jerseys to work to show their support since we had fans from many different teams, but mostly Mexico.

We couldn’t get soccer and the World Cup out of our minds, but at the same time, our dental performance was top-notch as always. You know that our Smile DNA is always spot on, but the work we do will leave you speechless on every occasion.

The month-long soccer bonanza in Russia has recently finished, and we thought it was the most interesting World Cup yet. Out of all 32 teams that qualified for the Cup, nothing happened as we expected, with many favorites leaving the tournament early and underdogs cruising through it. All of them showed some excellent perseverance. There were some extremely interesting matchups among the final eight, but the rest was even more interesting since none of the top three rated teams made it past the quarterfinals. The unexpected ending was as interesting to watch as the beginning, with Belgium defeating England for the 3rd place, and the talented France team beating the amazing Croatia team for the win.

Regardless of the results, rest assured the Rodeo team had a blast cheering on their favorite teams and celebrating the World Cup spirit! Ana expressed that her favorite part of the World Cup was how it brought friends and family together. “They had the opportunity to gather to spend time together and have fun together,” Ana said. Whether it be the World Cup or another event, friends, family, and fun is what Rodeo’s all about!