Every time we reach out to our wonderful community, we get absolutely amazed by the response and the heart-warming support we get. We simply couldn’t wait to talk about the event that took place on June 14 at the Palm View Branch Library. It’s always a complete pleasure to hang out with you guys, but this one takes the cake!

We started the educational presentation at 2:00 p.m. We were super excited to meet a bunch of kids from our community, and they seemed to be even more enthusiastic. It was completely thrilling to see such energy and joy coming from those kids.

We have gathered 25 children of different ages because we wanted to teach them the importance of health. The presentation started with educating children on the ways they should floss and brush their teeth to make them strong and healthy. But it didn’t stop there! Interacting with kids is always the number one thing we enjoy, so we tried to do it as much as we could. We also showed some super educational dental videos and some catchy dental music that will show them everything they need to know about dental hygiene.

We made learning awesome and exciting!

Our favorite friend MooMoo was at the presentation with us every step of the way. The kids loved him! They got to take pictures with him and they were grinning from ear to ear.

At the presentation, each kid got their very own Rodeo Educational Baggie which included a Rodeo Dental Educational Pamphlet, an awesome toothbrush, Xylitol pops that help prevent cavities and ear infections, a Did You Know Flyer and the regular Rodeo Dental Flyer.

There’s nothing better than spending time with our marvelous community, especially when there are kids involved. We love having fun with the kids, and hope that the next presentation will have more people to share our enthusiasm!