Our Core Values

The Rodeo Culture is our most valuable asset. Our Core Values are cultural cornerstones because they are the foundation of who we are and keep us focused on the “how” part of achieving our mission. The Rodeo Team is obsessed with Patient Safety, Patient Experience, Smile-DNA™️, and our other Core Values because they motivate us to create high-end value for our patients at the most affordable costs.

We recognize the importance of communicating our Core Values to the world, because they reflect how we operate and what you can expect from our team. Here are our nine Core Values:

1. Patient Safety is Paramount

The physical and emotional safety of our patients is a constant Priority 1. We build and operate state-of-the-art sterile facilities and adhere to the highest State and Federal regulatory guidelines. The Rodeo team respects patient privacy, protects patient data, and actively complies with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Most importantly, at Rodeo, our patients and/or guardians have a voice and make all decisions regarding their treatment plan design and ongoing dental hygiene care. Patient-centric care is at the core of who we are.

Rodeo Core Values Patient Safety

Rodeo Woodforest Team in Houston!

2. Patient Experience Sets Us Apart

Personal transformations are best realized when people have the confidence to smile like they mean it! We believe Art is an exceptional way to excite the Inner Spirit and provoke change. Our creative team stage themed, personalized experiences in the form of Pop Spirit Celebrations that boost patient spirit, promote dreams, and inspire hope. At Rodeo, we believe every patient should feel what it’s like to be a Celebrity Star!

Rodeo Core Values Patient Experience

Celebrity Stars in the making!

3. Tireless Pursuit of Impact

The Pink Heart in our Mission Key is a symbol that compels us to #DoTheRightThing and give every family the KEY to access high-end dental care they deserve. This requires a high-performance culture so that we can deliver the results needed to connect and tap into our patients’ hopes and dreams. Rodeo impacts surrounding communities via health and wellness education, themed patient transformations, and the delivery of affordable preventative and specialty dental services to all.

Rodeo Core Values Impact

Rodeo Educators teach at Local Schools

4. A TECH Above

The Rodeo team believes in a patient-centered, data-driven, evidence-based approach to care that is grounded in compassion. Our promise to deliver cost-effective, high-touch services is powered by technology innovation – which we embrace as a key core competency. The Rodeo culture is relentless in its search for new and exciting ways to engage patients and employees, and our internal software development team exists to bring our ideas to life.  Rodeo is TECH Savvy!

Rodeo Core Values Tech Above

Rodeo Smart Scheduling – TECH Savvy!

5. Power is Achieved through Sharing and Collaboration

Dentistry is a team sport – at the office level and across the enterprise. Unique thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds fuel our best ideas which often arise from grassroots campaigns.  Ideas that spread WIN at Rodeo! Our internal networks and communities are inclusive, organized around shared interests, and designed to destroy the status quo! When an innovation is ready for prime time, the Rodeo Spirit kicks in! Teams embrace the change, and it’s an all-in competition to WOW patients and each other 😊

Rodeo Core Values Collaboration

Rodeo Dental Doctors committed to Continuous Quality Improvement!

6. Perpetual Forward Motion

Perpetual Forward Motion reminds us to focus on the Rodeo mission. Our engines perform best at top speed and persistence in training and employee education matters. There’s no time for idle time! We relish opportunities to think, plan, train, learn, and rehearse. Great patient outcomes are the result of consistent team development combined with the focus on amazing patient experiences!

Rodeo Core Values Perpetual Forward Motion

Rodeo Brownsville Team – Ready to Rock!

7. A True WOW Effect

We challenge ourselves to deliver personalized experiences that are so compelling patients will share them instantly with family and friends.  Rodeo believes in theater and values individuality, self-expression, artists, and entertainers.  We promise to mix color, music, fashion, and team vibe to create an interactive Pop Art experience that sparks emotion and fuels a one-of-a-kind sensation. 

Rodeo Core Values Wow Effect

Rodeo Laredo Team – Ready to WOW!

8. Smile-DNA™️

Rodeo Dental believes that Smile-DNA™️ is a distinctive personality trait inherent in people that have bright and positive outlooks on life. We invented the term Smile-DNA™️ to describe a person’s natural ability to make other people smile, laugh, and feel good.  We can tell if people have Smile-DNA™️ within minutes or even seconds of meeting them, because of the positive energy transfer.  Smile-DNA™️ is core to our culture, and our team members are loaded with it!

Rodeo Core Values Smile DNA

Rodeo Weslokoz Team Showcasing their Smile-DNA!

9. #DoTheRightThing

Doing the right thing is about earning and keeping trust.  We are passionate about creating a culture of accountability and responsibility that motivates us to make great decisions for patients and each other “in the moment”.  We know that a call to service can happen in unexpected places and when we least expect it.  Our Mission and Core Values provide focus, guide our behaviors, and prompt the right type of responses and actions within and outside our walls.

Rodeo Core Values Do The Right Thing

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