Ortho Team – Instagram Live: Episode 1

Instagram Live: Episode 1 Part 1

Dr. Dugoni & Dr. Salman Answer Orthodontic Questions Asked By Our Viewers!

  • Tips on Cleaning Teeth With a Retainer
  • Are My Teeth Shifting?
  • Had Braces Long Ago, Retainer Doesn’t Fit

Instagram Live: Episode 1 Part 2

Dr. Dugoni & Sierra catch up on what they miss the most during this time and answer your orthodontic questions!

  • What’s in the Future For Rodeo? 👀
  • When will my Next Appointment be?
  • Tips on Cleaning Invisalign Trays

Instagram Live: Episode 1 Part 3

Dr. Dugoni & Dr. Salman answer orthodontic questions asked by our viewers!

  • What Is Your Most Difficult Treatment?
  • My Child Is Sucking Thumb/Pacifier
  • My Bracket is Broken!

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