Its National Nutrition Month! And our daily diets play a big role in our health, especially our teeth.

Studies from the American Dental Association find that most of the added sugars we consume lurk in beverages like sodas, juices and energy drinks, which can lead to weight gain and cavities.

Rodeo Dental Outreach Program Director, Sandra Roberts, says some foods are better for your teeth then others.

“Just remember, anything that what’s good for your body is usually good for your teeth! Foods like cheese, chicken, meat and nuts protect and rebuild tooth enamel because they are full of calcium and phosphorus. Water rich fruits like apples and pears also neutralize sugar build up,” explains Sandra Roberts, Rodeo Dental Outreach Program Director.

People are recommended to wait 2 hours between eating or drinking with the exception of water or unsweetened drinks.

Sugarless gum can be chewed after eating snacks to increase saliva production, which helps to remove food particles that can contribute to tooth decay.

Roberts also says pay attention to ingredient labels on food products and stay away from natural sweeteners than end in dose like fructose of sucrose.

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