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Shiny Grillz in Weslaco 

The new school year brings with it many questions. Where will you sit for lunch? Will you like your new classes? How much homework will there be? The one thing you shouldn’t worry about is having a smile that you’re proud of. Luck for you, your Weslaco dentist is here to help you achieve your true show stopping smile! Come in and experience Shiny Grillz a Pop Spirit Celebration that is here to help transform your smile into something that i sure to turn heads!

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That Shiny Grillz Spirit 

Weslaco Rodeo Dental

MooMoo and our incredible team are helping spread that creative and expressive spirit as start showing off our smile DNA

Smile Station at Weslaco Rodeo Dental

Smiles with Mom! This amazing patient and his mom got to snag a photo in front of the Holly Jollies Balloon sculpture! Also check out that creative stocking!

Dentist In Weslaco

Family always has your back and will be there to help you show off your Shiny Grillz!

Dentist In Weslaco

MooMoo loves coming around and helping spread some of that smile DNA

Weslaco Dentist

Super Moms are always there to help you come out of your shell and show off your show stopping smile

Dentist in Weslaco

We can’t forget our Super Dads too, helping their little ones come out of their shell, create, and showcase their smile DNA!

Shiny Grillz Rodeo Dental

Smile that lights up the room is a smile that should be shown off all the time! 

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