Brave Hearts in South Houston

Brave Hearts in South Houston

It’s time to show the love South Houston! It’s time to plan something special or confess if you’re a secret admirer! At your dentist in South Houston we are ready to help you express your creativity and individuality! With our awesome Brave Hearts activities you’ll have the perfect gift for someone special! You can make Valentine’s day cards, origami hearts, tissue paper flowers, Cupid’s Bow and Arrow, Valentine’s picture frames, and friendship bracelets! All of these are the perfect props for your photoshoot! After showing off your artistic skills you’ll stop by our glam team to get you ready for your big BraveHearts moment: The Valogram! At the Valogram you can give a shoutout to someone special, sing, dance, or express yourself however you want! Check out these awesome BraveHearts moments below!

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Capturing Spirits!

South Houston Rodeo Dental dentist

Welcome to the Rodeo Dental Family little one! A Brave Hearts First Rodeo is double the reason to celebrate! What an awesome moment!

Rodeo Dental family dentist in South Houston

Triple the smiles triple the fun! These three South Houston dental patients are bringing all the vibes for their Valograms!

Rodeo Dental Brave Hearts

This cute patient was color coordinated for the Brave Hearts theme! What an adorable fashionista!

Rodeo Dental South Houston babys dentist

Ready for the camera! This little patient knew how to strike a pose for her photoshoot, after seeing her South Houston pediatric dentist!

Rodeo Dental South Houston kids dentist

We can really feel the love between this adorable patient and their SuperMom! Thank you for bringing the Brave Hearts vibes!

activities at dentist in South Houston Rodeo Dental

Ready to give away his Valentine! This awesome patient had a blast creating something special for someone! This is what Brave Hearts is all about!

South Houston - Rodeo Dental

A masterpiece! This awesome artist was ready to show off her creation during her photoshoot!

Activities at dentist in South Houston Rodeo Dental

This sweet little artist is creating her work of art! We love the creativity she is showing off during her South Houston dental visit!

South Houston Rodeo Dental Brave Hearts

We love watching artists’ at work! Way to bring the Brave Hearts vibes!

South Houston activities at Rodeo Dental

Creating Brave Hearts props and memories! These awesome patients are showing off their creative skills at their South Houston dentist!

South Houston Rodeo Dental childrens dentist

Double the Brave Hearts vibes! This adorable SuperMom brought her little ones in for the Brave Hearts experience!

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