Rx Star Pop Spirit Celebration at Rodeo Dental San Benito

ROX Star In San Benito

Be a ROX Star! Step on stage and Pose, Flow, and Show us your Star Power! Your San Benito Dental office is equipped with a dental hype-squad made just for you. Boost your smile and realize your potential! We got Award-Winning dentists, a five-star reputation and activities for you and your kiddos! So what you waitin’ for? Snap cool pics, roll some video and flow like a BOSS! Check it! We got some of our favorite ROX Star moments right here!

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ROX Star – Become a Chart-Topper!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Becoming a ROX Star was easy once he realized his San Benito dental team had his back! They lit up the stage just for him and let him take over the show with his boosted smile!

Dentist in San Benito Rox Star

Droppin’ records and takin’ names! Our Board-Certified pediatric dentist had this to say about our new ROX Star, “He’s got what it takes to be a chart-topper!” 

Pop Spirit Celebration

We got some crazy beats going thanks to this record-breaker! She hopped on her dentist’s chair and fearlessly finished up her dental visit. Once she was done she hopped off her chair and flashed her new smile right for the camera!

Get Noticed – Strike A Pose!

Rodeo Dental

Break into the scene and get noticed! That’s what this ROX Star did and he’s been takin’ off ever since. He’s knocked out every dental visit at his San Benito dental office with flying colors. All he needs to do is keep climbing and show off his hidden talents! 

Dentist in San Benito Rox Star

Cookin’ up a smokin’ hot record is a piece-of-cake for this trio. They broke the beat down and let their five-star reputation San Benito team in on the action!

Rodeo Dental

Positive energy flowed out of this ROX Star after her stress-free visit with their San Benito dentist. She posed like a BOSS after just so she could show-off her brand new smile!

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