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My First Rodeo in San Benito

The San Benito Rodeo Dental team will make your child’s first dental visit fun! We have lots of colors, goodies, and memories! At a ‘My First Rodeo’, the San Benito team will make sure your little one is enjoying him or herself every step of the way because at Rodeo Dental your child’s first San Benito dentist visit is more than an appointment, it’s an experience! You will also get to be part of the journey and guide your child through this joyous time! Once you’re done, your little one will receive a certificate commemorating their first rodeo, a t-shirt, and goodie bags! We recommend your little one’s first rodeo starts at their six months to make sure your child has their first formal dental visit by 12 months of age! Scroll below and check some of the cool pictures taken by our San Benito office! Love what you see? Schedule a visit with us today!

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Baby’s first visit!

My First Rodeo Baby Dentist

Meeting San Benito’s family dentist was lots of fun! Now, this patient has a ‘My First Rodeo’ to brag about and no cavities!

Baby Dentist

Bring on healthy teeth! After finishing up his ‘My First Rodeo’ this kiddo came out of his dental office full of confidence!

San Benito Baby Dentist

Sitting in this dental chair during her visit was just the start of an impactful ‘My First Rodeo’! Now she gets to eat delicious food with healthier teeth!

Baby Dentist Rodeo Dental

We had fun during your ‘My First Rodeo’ and hope to keep your teeth healthy for years to come!

My First Rodeo Rodeo Dental

This little Freebird finished a My First Rodeo and got a pair of colorful wings. Congrats on achieving ultimate smile potential with your San Benito dentist! 

Kid Dentist Rodeo Dental

Adorable and done with her dental visit, this cutie knew that she could melt any heart with a newer and freer smile! Congratulations on your My First Rodeo!

Cameo Flash Rodeo Dental My First Rodeo San Benito

Being part of a ‘My First Rodeo’ stays with you forever, just like this patient who now found her lifetime Dentist!

San Benito Baby Dentist

This little one loved meeting their local San Benito kid dentist! After the dental visit ended, this kiddo earned MVP status at their new dental office!

Babys dentist in San Benito

This sweet patient held her certificate high and proud for all to see! Momma was so happy she smiled ear to ear!

San Benito dental visit

The whole family joined in and celebrated this cutie’s first rodeo!! Congratulations on you first San Benito dentist visit!

Wildflower Rodeo Dental My First Rodeo San Benito

With color all around, this young patient got to celebrate a ‘My First Rodeo’ alongside family and friends! 

Rodeo Dental My First Rodeo San Benito

A ‘My first Rodeo’ is a dental experience no Supermom wants to miss, this little one got to meet their San Benito Dentist and brush up on their dental knowledge!

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