Return of the Hallemoji - Woodforest

Return of the Hallemoji in Woodforest

Join us for the Return of the Hallemoji at Rodeo Dental in Woodforest, Houston! This is your chance to arrive in style as a celebrity, cartoon character, ghoul, ghost, monster, witch or whatever! Not feeling the love lol? No worries! Just show up and we’ll do the rest. We’ve got dentists who care and the right type of staff to glam, prop, and style some real magic. Smile like you mean it 😊

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dentist in Woodforest Houston Return of the Hallemoji

These awesome patients are embracing their Hallemoji spirit at our eerie Smile Station! 

Woodforest Houston Return of the Hallemoji

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! They’re multiplying and taking over the smile station! 

Dentist Woodforest Houston Return of the Hallemoji

Just a friendly game of emoji-ball..err we mean basketball🏀! 

Movies📽 with Moomoo!

Rodeo Dental

There was nothing to be scared of with Moomoo was there while we watched Halloween movies! 

Rodeo Dental

Smiles with Moomoo! This awesome patient was thrilled with the movie snacks and the company!

Rodeo Dental

How can you not go AWWW 😍 when you see this image?? So much love from this little one! 

Moomoo needs help cleaning his teeth!

Pop Spirit Celebration

We had so much fun with Moomoo and all the kids who helped brush his teeth! 

Pop Spirit Celebration

They made sure he had no cavities for his check up!

Pop Spirit Celebration

He felt so happy to have so many wonderful kids care about his well being!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Everyone showed such great technique with their brushing abilities! Moomoo learned a lot!

Pop Spirit Celebration

Of course Moomoo needed to practice himself! Luckily he had a brave volunteer! 

Pop Spirit Celebration

Brush ’em brush ’em even in the back!

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