ROX Star Pop Spirit Celebration at Rodeo Dental Harlingen

ROX Star In Harlingen

ROX is a Feeling! Double down in 2020 at your Harlingen dental office and get a smile that will launch you to stardom! Flow to the sound of your own drum and be part of a dental family comprised of Award-Winning dentists, a five-star dental team and a whole lot of PASSION and drive for you! Feel like a celebrity with us. We got the music, lights, cameras, crows and props to make your scene come alive. Check out some cool scenes our other ROX Stars came up with!

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Be Bold – Strike A Pose!

Dentist in Harlingen Rox Star
Few can claim what this ROX Star can! She skyrocketed to stardom after a successful visit with her Harlingen dental team.
Pop Spirit Celebration
Check out this passionate risk-taker! She snapped a pic with her favorite Pop Spirit Celebration to date and asked her Supermom if she could come back again soon so she could capture another picture with her favorite Rodeo Dental dentist!
Dentist in Harlingen Rox Star
Yo! Our dental team has got your back! You need general dentistry, pediatric dentistry or any other dental service done? We’ve got the dental all-stars you need! We took a quick photo together before getting back to work at our one-stop-shop!

Feel The Vibe – Strike A Pose!

Pop Spirit Celebration
We got a fearless influencer in our midst! New braces in, she flashed her smile – confidently and boldly – so that all could see!
Rodeo Dental
Supermom in da’ house! She brought her A-game and her daughter got into the dental flow so they could come out like the bosses they really are!
Rodeo Dental
This celebrity mixed the right ingredients to become successful: confidence, perseverance and a whole lot of passion! Check out that new, bold and brave smile!

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