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My First Rodeo in Harlingen

At Harlingen we love creating new memories and capturing first moments! This is why the Harlingen dental team is always pumped when we get a new little patient ready for their first Harlingen dentist appointment! As parents we always want each life event our child experiences to be preserved and celebrated, which is why Rodeo Dental hosts ‘My First Rodeo’ at each of our offices! With My First Rodeo, patients get to be quirky and have fun, plus get to know their dentist and build on having a lifetime dental guide! After the visit is over, your little one will receive a certificate commemorating their first rodeo, a t-shirt and goodie bags!  We recommend your little one’s first rodeo starts at their 6 months to make sure your child has their first formal dental visit by 12 months of age! Want to see what a first rodeo is like? Check out the pictures below and schedule a visit with our Harlingen team!

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Face painting in Main St Rodeo Dental

Mom got to dress her little one up for his first rodeo and turned him into a little turkey for Rodeo Dental’s Spice Dinamo Pop Spirit Celebration! Our Harlingen dental team always captures every moment.

Harlingen babys dentist visit

This little guy was all joy during his first rodeo and mommy was there to hold his hand every step of the way!

harlingen dentist visit

Smiles all around for baby’s first rodeo! This little guy loved his first visit and wanted a chance to hold his certificate!

Harlingen Kids Dentist

This trendsetter was all tuckered out after rocking out an awesome My First Rodeo with one of our board-certified pediatric dentists. She lit up the room with laughter and her brand new award winning smile!

Harlingen My First Rodeo

Ready. Set. Go! Here’s to a lot more awesome dental visits after an incredible My First Rodeo with her Harlingen dentist! This little all-star was begging to stay just a little longer so she could work on some crafts out in our lobby!

Harlingen Rodeo Dental Dentist

Nothing’s keepin’ this Waymaker down! After charting a brand new dental path this all-star set forth on a legendary journey with Harlingen’s dental team. Now it’s time to take charge and break the status quo!

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