Rox Star in Elsa

ROX ★ Star in Elsa!

Calling All ROX Stars – we repeat – Calling All ROX Stars! We believe our AMAZING patients got everything it takes to reach greatness! That is why during this celebration we are giving them a stage to strut their stuff, show off their colorful personalities and shine like the Rox ★ Stars they are with their award-winning Elsa dentist! We’ve got the music, lights, cameras, crowds, and props to make your scene come alive. So whatever your secret talent is, your Rodeo Dental Elsa is the place to show it off! Snap cool pics, roll some video, and flow like a BOSS!

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ROX ★ Star Moments!

Pediatric patient celebrating ROX Star

Oh, she is a ROX ★ Star through and through! Her colorful personality shone through during her visit with our Award-winning Superdentist!

Patient holding heart at Rodeo Dental Elsa office

This ROX ★ Star took his time making his heart very special for a special someone! Check out that sweet design!

Patient holding Rodeo Dental sign during ROX Star celebration

This patient just started his Smile Transformation journey and was beyond the moon! We love to see our ROX ★ Stars reach for their dream smile!

Dazzling Dream Teams! 

Rodeo Dental Elsa team celebrating ROX Star with patient

Everyone say  “cheese”! We are our patients’ biggest fans and get so excited when we get to capture moments with them! 

Family celebrating ROX Star at Rodeo Dental

This family came in and totally stole the show with their awesome ROX ★ Star vibes!

Supermom with son at Rodeo Dental Elsa

We love making our celebrations quality bonding moments for our ROX ★ Stars! Mom left with unforgettable memories and healthy smiles!

Rockin’ Vibes! 

Couple at the dentist at Rodeo Dental

We love to celebrate smiles. We also love to celebrate love. And when these ROX ★ Stars came in, we got to celebrate both!!

Girl decorating heart at Rodeo Dental Elsa

This celebration is all about getting creative and showing off your colorful personality and this patient did just that! 

Hugs booth at Rodeo Dental Elsa during Valentines Day

Our Hugs Booth was a total hit!! So much fun getting to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our patients! 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day! 

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