Edinburg Rodeo Dental Moolazo

Moolazo In Edinburg

The crowd falls silent as you place the ball on the ground, you take a few steps back, slow your breathing, the whistle blows, and GOLLLAAAZZZOOOO! Stop in to your local Edinburg Rodeo Dental and come celebrate our latest Pop Spirit Celebration, Moolazo. Experience the feeling of being a champion and while you’re at it, check out some of the photos below to see what Moolazo is all about!



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Experience The Moolazo Spirit 

Moolazo Rodeo Dental

Our Rodeo Dental All-Stars love shoiwng off their moolazo spirit with MooMoo! 

Moolazo Edinburg Rodeo Dental

Our amazing team is even getting in on the Moolazo spirit and showing MooMoo a thing or two about soccer! 

Moolazo Edinburg Rodeo Dental

These champions came in crushed their appointment and celebrated scoring their Moolazos with MooMoo! 

Cheering On Our Moolazo Champions

Rodeo Dental Edinburg

There is no better feeling than celebrating Moolazo with your cloest friends and family!

Moolazo At Rodeo Dental Edinburg

Creativity is celebrated on the pitch and when you are decorating your own vuvuzela!

Rodeo Dental Edinburg Moolazo

How do you celebrate scoring a moolazo? These incredible champions make some noise with their own vuvuzelas!

Moolazo in Edinburg

We are so fortunate to have such amazing patients who bring incredible energy into our office! 


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