ROX Star Pop Spirit Celebration at Rodeo Dental Donna

ROX Star In Donna

Expose your Hidden Talent with a dental team that knows how to GO BIG! Kick-off the New Year in style at your Donna Dental office! Get the smile you deserve and feel like a real celebrity with your Rodeo Dental hype-squad. Show-off a smile you’re proud of and grab your moment! Take your shot, take cool photos and gain that 2020 vision everyone else is looking for! Curious? Yo, check out some of our favorite ROX Star moments below!

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ROX Star – Become A Celebrity!

Dentist in Donna Rox Star
Check out this bold ROX Star! He got himself his own hype-squad with his Donna dental team!
Pop Spirit Celebration
Proudly displaying her new ROX T-Shirt, this dental visit was a Star-Studded one. We had an Award-Winning dentist, a five-star dental team and a Special Guest: A New ROX Star!
Rodeo Dental
Valentine’s Day brought out all the love at our Donna Office and this ROX Star showed off her valentine for all to see: Her Rodeo Dental Team!

Be A Trendsetter – Strike A Pose!

Dentist in Donna Rox Star
Nothing beats a Supermom and ROX Star duo! Together they made a bold and fierce team of go-getters who are ready to show off their hidden talents.
Dentist in Donna Rox Star
This ROX Star knew how to GO BIG with his Rodeo Dental team! He got his teeth cleaned in style and eagerly showed-off his brand new Star Power!
Pop Spirit Celebration
These risk-takers expressed just how cool, bold and beautiful their smiles became after an Award-Winning visit with their Board-Certified pediatric dentist at Donna!

Crafting With Rodeo – Get Creative!

Pop Spirit Celebration
Pose, flow and get creative! This ROX Star sure did! She ran right into her Donna dental office and went straight to working on some new activities we got going in the lobby.
Dentist in Donna Rox Star
Check out these record-breakers! They achieved celebrity status by tirelessly working towards their goal. Our Board-Certified pediatric dentist made sure their smiles were tuned and ready for their big moment!
Dentist in Donna Rox Star
Supermom just witnessed her kiddos become ROX Stars! Talk about a successful dental visit! They came out of their Donna dental office celebrating and spittin’ cool rhymes!

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